EU Google Apple Supervise Regulation

The European Union (EU) has passed an important gateway for US Giant IT corporate regulations such as Google, Apple, and Apple.

The European Parliament approved the ‘Digital Market Law (MA) as an overwhelmingly appreciated that to prohibit the prohibition of its service to prevent the Serviced Services of Platform Stators on the 15th (local time) platform operators.

A total of 696 participates in the European Parliamentary voting on the day, the aged 642 votes opposite the votes. The 46 people have thrown the vote.

As the Digital Market Law is approved by the European Parliament, the legislative work is expected to speed a little more speed. The European Parliament shall negotiate with the EU Member Government of the EU Member States, based on the Digital Market Law that passed on this day.

■ When violation of law, it is possible to impose fine sales to 10%

The Digital Market Act, which passed the Congress, was first suggested that the Mortar Commission (EC) (EC) (EC) (EC) (EC) of the MARLENE Vest Gorge of the MARLENE.

This law is sold out 6.5 billion euros (about 8.7 trillion won), and more than 45 million users, designated the platform used in the EU 3 countries as a gatekeeper (door), and applies powerful regulations on them..

The European Parliament has added two more in the gatekeeper Corporate Requirements proposed by EC through discussion. First, we added two conditions, including 8 billion euros and 80 billion euros of market cap.

The applicable subject service was further enlarged than the draft of EC. On this day, the European Congress said that the Digital Market Law is applied to companies that provide the core platform service.

As a result, online brokerage services, social networks, search engines, operating systems, online advertising services, cloud computing, and video sharing services are subject to digital market laws.

The European Parliament was here in the web browser, virtual secretary, and connective TVs added as a digital market application.

If the gatekeeper criterion for the entity that provides the service, it will be regulated by the Digital Market Act.

Gatekeeper companies that apply to digital market laws are strictly regulated to ship their apps. Google or Apple is a typical sanction example that first exposes its app on Android phones and iPhones.

It is also a regulatory subject to preferred its goods or services that are more exposed than their homogeneous services provided by the 3rd company in the platform. If you violate the regulations, you have a strong punishment provision that can impose a penalty of 10% of annual sales.

In particular, the Digital Market Law has made it strictly limiting the acquisition of gatekeeper companies.

EC proposed a digital service law with the Digital Market Law last year. The European Parliament is scheduled to review the Digital Service Act in January next year.

■ Maintenance to each country… It seems to take two more years to fermentation

The digital market law is not implemented immediately because it passed the European Parliament. The EU conducts a European Union Executive Committee (EC), the European Parliament, and the European Council, and the European Parliamentary, and the European Council.

If EC, which acts as an EU administration, the European Parliament and the European Board of Directors will be sent to the European Council. In this process, the initial legislation is modified by exercising each other’s negotiations.

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The European Parliament shall negotiate with the Government of Member States in the first half of next year, based on the negotiations that passed on this day. After this course, the legislation is finally confirmed through the legislation of the government.

Therefore, it is expected that the Digital Market Law will take two years until it is enforced throughout Europe.

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