Epic Games Store starts its offers with unlimited discount coupons to spend on games

If you are looking to expand your collection of video games on PC attentive to Epic Games Store Christmas offers. Fortnite’s publishers have started their festive rebates, guaranteeing discounts of up to 95% in more than 1,300 games, editions and DLC housed in commerce. They will be valid until January 6, and they will have among their attractions with the return of the discount coupons of 10 euros.

These bonuses are already tradition in the store, and basically allow users to take advantage of their purchases to continue acquiring video games at the lowest cost. Thus, for each complete game that is obtained for a price higher than 14.99 euros, a discount coupon of 10 euros will be obtained. Yes, you have read it well, each complete game that you buy for more than €14.99 will give you a discount coupon of 10 euros at the end of the purchase. And you can buy as many games as you want, there is no limit.

The bonds will be valid while the offers last. Next, we make a small selection of reduced titles. As you will see, they are above all games with a price greater than 14.99 euros to access the coupons.

Get Your EPIC GAMES 10$ Christmas Coupon (How to use it?)

As always, we encourage you from the comment page to leave us your own recommendations. You can also write in what title staying at Epic Games Store you will invest the different bonuses with which you do these days. We remember that, in addition, the store offers up to 15 free games during these offers.

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