Back 4 Blood December

Turtle Rock Studios will post the December 2021 update for Back 4 Blood on Thursday.

With some new and long-awaited features as well as the improvement of the difficulty levels of veteran and nightmare, the gaming experience will be improved.

There are several adaptations on the map system, the Ridden, the Spawn systems as well as weapons and cleaners.

For details on the mentioned improvements, you can already take the patch notes today.

Back 4 Blood — December 2021 Patch Notes

New Features

Offline Campaign with Progression
New Supply Lines — Roving merchants
Time-limited Track Added That Provides New Unlocks to Spend Supply Points on
New Card Type — Burn Cards
New Card Type Added That Is Available Through The Roving Merchants Supply Lines
This Card Type Can Be Played in Each Saleroom To Gain Temporary Effects Like Instant Healing, Currency Boosts, Increasing Resistances, And More
Holiday Seasonal Event
Holiday Decorations Added to Fort Hope and the Firing Range
Unlockable Seasonal Character Skins, Weapon Skins, Emblems, And Sprays Added
Belt Clip — Increase Quickly Inventory by 1
Utility Belt -Increase Quickly Inventory by 2. —10% Damage Deal
Tool Belts — Increase Team Quickly Inventory by 1
Ridden Practice Area Added to Fort Hope
Option Added to Play As a Ridden While in Fort Hope To Practice Fighting and Exploring Mutation Abilities
Bots That Accompany The Player in Solo Campaign Are Randomized
Ultrawide Improvements
STAT Tracking Now Enabled in training
Notable bug fix: fixed to exploit that allowed players to duplicate offensive utility items
Notable bug fix: fixed to exploit that allowed players to select duplicates Instead of One Card

Campaign Updates

Developer Note: WE Made The Following Changes to Make The Controls On PC Feel More Snappy.
Increase Player Acceleration to 2100 (What 1900)
Brake Friction to 7 (what 6.5)
Player Starts With Max Ammo When Starting a Run

New December Back 4 Blood Update is LITERALLY PERFECT
Cleaner Hatboxes Are More Accurate, Reducing Accidental Friendly Fire
Aim Assist When Targeting Armored Commons is improved
Friendly Fire Damage No Longer Increases With Each Weapon Animal
Healing Efficiency Now Improves Temporary Healing
Bots Now Keep Their Existing Inventory and Upgrade Their Weapons With Each Map
Made Improvements to Saving Individual Matchmaking Settings in Quickly, Campaign, and Training Runs
Added Clarification to the Leave Game Prompt While at a party
Smoothed Out Player Collision Near the Ogre’s Spawn Points
SWAT Achievements Now So Grant The SWAT Team Title
Added One Additional Card Draw to Acts 2 and 3
Improved the navigation of Large Special Ridden Between The First and Second Objectives on Search and Rescue: A Clean Sweep
The Jukebox Can No Longer Be Damaged After The Last Bus is Loaded on Search and Rescue: Bar Room Lightning
The Remaining Research Boxes Will Be Highlighted After A Certain Amount of Time Has Passed on Dr. Rogers’ Neighborhood: T-5
Improved Navigation for Special Ridden Inside the Saleroom on Dr. med. Rogers’ Neighborhood: Garden Party
Made Improvements to Collision Around The Mortuary for Ridden and Cleaners on Remnants: A Friend in Need
Adjusted The Waypoint For The Gate Objective On Remnants: The Road To Bright
Added Additional Spots for Ridden To Enter The Quarantine Area IF The One Way Door Is Closed On Remnants: The Road To Bright
Readjusted the Appearance of NPC in Job 10:22: Heralds of the Worm, Part 1 for Consistency in Campaign and Training Modes
Confirmation is Now Given Immediately After Reporting A Player
Changes Have Been Made to the Credits

Speed Card Updates
Developer Note: We noticed that the use of speed running decks was creating tension between players as a single player would utilize a speed running deck to separate from the rest of their team to rush ahead to finish the level. We made the following changes to bring speed running more in line with the viability of other strategies and builds.
Evasive — Speed reduced to 15% (from 20%)
Fleet of Foot — Move Speed bonus reduced to 8% (was 10%)
Fleet of Foot — Damage Resistance trade off increased to -7% (was -5%)
Mad Dash — Stamina Efficiency reduced to -40% (was -30%)
Olympic Sprinter — Damage Resistance trade off increased to -7% (was -5%)
Pep in your Step — Move Speed bonus reduced to 8% (was 10%)
Rhythmic Breathing — Stamina bonus reduced to 40% (was 60%)
Rhythmic Breathing — Now +40% Stamina, removed drawback -20% slow resistance
Run Like Hell — Changed to remove the Move Speed buff for 3 seconds when getting hit
Run Like Hell — Move Speed bonus reduced to 12% (was 15%)
Speed Demon — Move Speed bonus reduced to 4% (was 6%)
Stimulants — Card Refactored. No longer gives move speed. Now gives 20% stamina regeneration, increased reload to 15% (was 10%), & increased swap speed to 15% (was 10%)

Combat Card Updates
Developer Note: We received feedback that players did not feel that slow and steady combat was as viable as other strategies. Additionally, we wanted to balance the changes to speed running in general. We’ve refactored and buffed the following combat cards to make combat more viable.
Cold Brew Coffee — Now ADS Speed +25%, Weapon Swap +25%, Use Speed +25%, Reload Speed +15%
Combat Training — Removed 50% bullet penetration. Added +1 bullet stumble and +5 melee stumble
Combat Training — Now +5% bullet damage, +25% Bullet Stumble
Energy Drink — Stamina reduced to 15% (was 40%), Removed -5% damage resistance, Added Weapon Swap +25%, Move speed while firing +15%, Slow resistance +10%
Highwayman — Tooltip update to include all secondary weapons, ammo chance increased to 3% (was 2%), now has a chance to spawn Molotov’s
Large Caliber Rounds — Now +7.5% bullet damage, +200% bullet pen, penalty removed
Line ‘Em Up — Now Range fall off +10%, Recoil Control +15, Bullet Pen +25%, ADS speed +25%. No longer requires AR’s
Marathon Runner — No longer disables sprint
Developer Note: Intent with this is to enable kiting.
Mugger — Ammo chance increased to 3% (was 2%), now has a chance to drop razor wire
Patient Hunter — Reduced time per stack to 0.75 (was 1)
Power Swap — Effect can no longer be stacked
Power Swap — Weapon swap window increased to 1 second (was 0.75)
Power Reload — Reload window increased to 1 second (was 0.75)
Silver Bullets — Now +10% bullet damage, +15% to range falloff, penalty removed
Steady Aim — Added a stacking buff while ADS with that gives 10/20/30% recoil reduction over 2.25 seconds
Tunnel Vision — Added stat that increases weak spot damage the longer player is in ADS 5/10/15% over 2.25 seconds
Team Ammo (Vendor card) — Now also gives +1% increased damage
Well Fed — Removed 20% stamina efficiency

Healing Card Updates
Developer Note: In addition to the combat card buffs, we’ve made the following changes and buffs to healing cards.
Fresh Bandage — Now heals 15 health at the start of each level
Fresh Bandage — Trauma recovery increased to 15 (was 10)
Developer Note: This was buffed to mitigate the loss of trauma heal on Experienced EMT
Group Therapy — Heal increased to 8 (was 5)
Life Insurance — Life reduced to 1 (was 2), Now reduces team Inca trauma by 15%, Remove copper loss
Needs of the Many — Health penalty reduced to -10 (was -20%)
Pep Talk — Now gives 3 flat damage resistance from all sources while reviving & grants 10 health to the revived target
Saleroom Recovery — Now also heals 15 health and trauma recovery up to 7 (was 5)
Developer Note: This was buffed to mitigate the loss of trauma heal on Experienced EMT

General Card Updates
The cards Share the Wealth, Box O’ Bags, Surplus Pouches, Experienced EMT, and Saleroom Recovery no longer apply their effects an additional time after a team wipe
Developer Note: We identified a bug where a number of cards were applied more or not as intended after a team wipe.
Team ammo cards on the vendor now give a 1% damage increase
Adrenaline Fueled — Card Refactored. No longer gives bonus stamina, no longer reduced stamina regent, no longer gives instant stamina, fueled stamina regent now stacks 5 times and gives 7 stamina over 7 seconds
Ammo Mule — No longer disables support items, but lowers move speed by 5%
Bounty Hunter — Updated text to mention contributing team kills
Experienced EMT — Card Refactored. Bonus Health reduced to 10% (was 20%), now also increases Stamina and Stamina Regent 10%
Card was refactored to make it usable in more situations.
Experienced EMT — No longer heals trauma
Developer Note: Due to the bug fix where this card was applying its effect more than intended, this ended up healing trauma which was not intended. We have buffed other cards such as Fresh Bandage and Saleroom Recovery to mitigate this change as well as adding a free first aid cabinet recharge to Nightmare.
Energy Bar — Stamina Regent increased to 30% (was 20%)
Hyper-Focused — Adjusted penalty to -40% move speed while shooting or melee attacking (was -75% ADS move speed)
Wooden Armor — No longer increases explosion damage taken

Corruption Card Updates
Corruption Boss cards will no longer appear at the start of an Act
Developer Note: These cards were causing a difficulty spike in all difficulties. We want players to have more time to prepare for bosses and later chapters.
Hag will no longer spawn with The Fog corruption card
Developer Note: The Hag was stacking with boss objectives, causing a difficulty spike in all difficulties.
Fog’s maximum density reduced for Gloom and The Fog corruption cards
Breakers removed from all difficulties of Search and Rescue: Book Worms

Balance Updates
All guns set to have the same Aim Assist snap length-duration
Aim Assist now locks onto the center of Sleeper base instead of the body
Aim snap time reduced to 0.1 seconds (was 0.25)
Made Aim Assist feel smoother when aiming at targets
Bird’s health reduced to 1 (was 10)
Flash Grenade damage reduced to 1 (was 5)
M16’s damage increased to 16 (was 14)
Burst M9’s damage increased to 12 (was 10)
Razor Wire is now a Quick Slot item
MP5 — Fire rate increased to 50%
Developer Note: decreased functionality was not intended, the MP5 is now in line with expectations.
870 — Fire rate reduced to 0.40 (was 0.55)
Combat Knife — Increased combat attack width
Lightweight Stock — Blue attachment movement speed buff reduced to +7.5% (was +10%)
Lightweight Stock — Purple attachment movement speed buff reduced to +10% (was +15%)
Nightmare and the shooting range in Fort Hope now multiply base friendly fire damage values by 2x

Balance Updates — Difficulty Specific
Developer Note: One of our goals this patch is to decrease the disparity between the various difficulties, so there isn’t as much of a jump from Recruit to Veteran to Nightmare.
Recruit :
Player base damage resist increased to 25% (was 20%)
Continue currency bonus increased to 300 (was 250)
Continue to Heal bonus increased to 75 (was 25)
Continue Trauma heal bonus increased to 25 (was 20)
Veteran :
Rescaled friendly fire values
Sleepers no longer call hordes
Player base damage increased to 120% (was 100%)
Player base Health increased to 115 (was 100)
Player Base ammo capacity increased 120% (was 100%)
Trauma heals per safe room +5 (was 0)
Continue currency bonus increased to 200 (was 150)
Continue to Heal bonus increased to 25 (was 15)
First aid cabinet free use increased to 2 (was 1)
Nightmare :
Rescaled friendly fire values
First aid cabinet free use increased to 1 (was 0)
Special Ridden damage reduced by 35% (was 75%)
Common damage reduced by 50% (was 100%)
Nightmare extra trauma from Inca reduced to 5 (was 10)
Reduce nightmare stumble resist on nightmare 25% (was 40%)
Reduced nightmare Special Ridden health buff to 7.5% (was 15%)
Continue currency bonus increased to 100 (was 0)
Continue to Heal bonus increased to 10 (was 0)
Continue Trauma heal bonus increased to 5 (was 0)
Continue Card draw bonus increased to 1 (was 0)
Continue Ammo bonus increased to 15% (was 0)
Extra Inca trauma reduced to 7 (was 10)

Spawning Updates
During endless Hordes and back-to-back hordes, all Horde Special Ridden are limited to 2 of a given type and a maximum of 4
Added a Horde Special Ridden cooldown
Developer Note: This helps avoid the doubling of Special Ridden when multiple hordes are triggered.
Timed Hordes made to have a longer minimum resume time of 60 seconds (was 30) except custom events.
Developer Note: If you triggered a horde while having a timed horde, it was possible to have the timed horde trigger too soon after the initial horde.
Roaming Special Ridden max count now 4 (was 6)
Developer Note: Limits the potential Special Ridden counts in certain situations.
Reduced chance for all Tallboy variants on Veteran and Nightmare difficulties
Increased Roaming Special Ridden minimum spawn distance to 30 m (was 20 m)
Increased Wander Special Ridden minimum spawn distance to 10 m (was 5 m)

Ridden AI Updates
Blighted Ridden no longer deal instant explosion damage when they die
Special Ridden’s defense against bullet penetration to weak spots has been reduced
Sleepers will more accurately connect with their targets
Tallboy & Bruiser hit boxes are more accurate and their weak spots are easier to hit
Developer Note: we cleaned up the Tallboy’s hit boxes to make them easier to hit. It should now be possible to hit their weak spot from the front if you have a precise weapon.
Developer Note: The following changes make their attacks a bit more forgiving to dodge.
Tallboy & Bruiser Overhead attack damage radius reduced to 200 units (was 250)
Tallboys have less ability to turn during a Burst traversal
Decreased Crusher squeeze attach distance for squeeze attack to 200 units (was 300)
Retch’s effective range in meters decreased to 22 (was 25), tracking and ramp up time adjusted to work better
Retch will rotate slightly slower and will track the target for slightly longer during vomit attack (2.25 seconds from 1.6)
Retch projectile spray starts at a lower velocity now (75% of max instead of 90% of max) and ramps up to max velocity over a longer period of time (0.75 seconds instead of 0.4 seconds)
Exploded’s explosion radius is now visible to the Ridden player
Developer Note: With the following changes, the Hockey’s ability should not be used as much, should be easier to dodge, and you should not take as much damage if an attack landed.
Hockey pin projectile speed reduced to 2500 (was 3500)
Hockey pin miss cooldown increased to 8 seconds (was 0)
Hockey pin hit cooldown increased to 8 seconds (was 2)
Hockey initial damage reduced to 5 (was 10)
Hockey damage over time increased to 3 (was 2)
Hag health reduced to 7500 (8200)
Hag weak spot multiplier increased to 2.25 (was 2)
Stinger projectile cooldown while perched increased
Developer Note: When the Stinger was perched, there was no cooldown on her projectile, so she was able to rapidly attack Cleaners.


Facial icons now appear when Ridden players ping Cleaners
All Cleaner dialogue for pinging Special Ridden is now audible to Ridden players
Survivor nameplates are visible to Ridden players

Card Updates
Inspiring Sacrifice — Sound effects volume reduced when effect is active

Balance Updates
Added leaver penalty warning popup in Fort Hope after leaving a PVP match
Cleaners now start each round with full ammo
Mutation Points from players that disconnect in Swarm mode are now redistributed to their remaining teammates
Each player’s Mutation Points are now visible on their party frames
Hockey pin duration reduced back to 7 seconds (was showing 9999 on some pins)
Hockey pin damage reduced initial damage to 5 (was 10), increased the damage over time to 3 (was 2)


Aim Assist Strength slider has been replaced by two separate sliders for Aim Assist Friction and Aim Assist Magnetism for Game pad in the Options menu
Added options for Camera Acceleration (On/Off), Camera Movement (Linear/Exponential), and Player Movement (Linear/Exponential) to the Game pad tab in the Options menu


Cleaners being pursued by a Hag will now see a corresponding screen effect to indicate this
Can now easily duplicate decks in the Deck Manager
“Camera Smoothing Duration” has a slider added in the Options menu
Field of View options sliders separated for Cleaners and Ridden in the Graphics Options menu
FOR settings better support Ultrawide/ Multimonitor configurations
Added an option to toggle Blood / Vomit / Mud Drench in the Options menu
Added an option to set “Audio Input Device” in the Audio Options menu
The “Mute All” option is now toggled off automatically when you return to Fort Hope
Toggling VoIP on/off in options will enable/disable the other voice-related options & volume sliders. Warning message will say why it’s disabled
Improved the contrast and brightness of graphics on Xbox Series X
Jukebox tracks are now controlled by the Music slider instead of the SFX slider
Subtitles are now off by default
Social menu can now be brought up by selecting a player’s own banner in the Campaign menu
Updates to NVIDIA DSS requires NVIDIA Driver 471.11 or later



Fixed an issue where players were not able to rejoin a private party from another player’s Fort Hope
Fixed an issue where damage numbers did not appear after changing characters in Fort Hope
Fixed an issue where the target dummy wouldn’t show consistent damage numbers in Fort Hope
Fixed camera view not resetting properly after dying while aiming down sights in Fort Hope
Fixed an issue where using the “Toggle Active Cards” key could disable the player’s HUD in Fort Hope
Fixed an issue where weapon skins were not always displaying properly in first person at Fort Hope


Fixed Avenge The Fallen card showing an infinite amount of items in the offensive slot when active
Fixed Blood Donor card not playing its sound effects for the correct duration of time
Fixed Buckshot Bruiser reducing normal heal when temporary health decayed over time
Fixed Evasive Action card’s effect not triggering when the player was stomped by an Ogre
Fixed Field Surgeon card not applying the proper amount of negative use speed
Fixed Life Insurance card subtracting more copper than intended after a team wipe
Fixed Money Grubbers card having a discrepancy with the card values
Fixed Multitool card not applying -5% Damage resistance
Fixed Rousing Speech card having an incorrect Inca trauma resistance of 80% instead of 20%

Warning: Can only detect less than 5000 characters


Fixed an issue where Ridden spawn visual effects did not appear
Fixed Tallboy’s Tier 3 Utility upgrade to reset properly after each overhead attack
Fixed an issue where playable Seekers and their variants could become stuck inside collision when charging and mantling over objects
Fixed the Stinger’s Kill Frenzy effect to last 10 seconds


Fixed the red text on Inca when players have Protanopia selected as the colorblind settings


Fixed an issue where players were unable to replay the tutorial from the main menu
Fixed HUD not displaying properly on Ultrawide resolutions
Fixed an issue with the look of loading screens on Ultrawide resolutions
Fixed the available amount of resolutions when in windowed mode when using a 21:9 monitor
Fixed Supply Lines and Character Selection screens not displaying properly on Ultrawide resolutions
Fixed an issue with the contrast levels of the contrast slider
Fixed an issue where weapons did not automatically swap from the primary to the secondary when out of ammo while “Auto Switch Weapons On Depleted Ammo” was toggled on in the options menu


Name a Ridden feature has been augmented to allow the Broadcaster to see visible nameplates in-game for viewers who have used bits to name a Ridden
Broadcasters can disable nameplates in the configuration page of the extension
Added more options for Bits
Broadcasters can now see how many people have voted in a card poll

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug preventing viewers names being associated with Ridden who killed Cleaners in the kill feed
Fix for Windows Store Builds that was preventing Authentication with the Extension
Fixed a bug that was causing the Name a Ridden feature to have duplicate names for a single viewer transaction

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