Super SmPass Vol h Bros MPass Vol ahiro Sakurai recommends not to give for future future deliveries

Super SmPass Vol.h Bros. Ultimate hPass Vol. sealed his name in the history of video games. A modern clPass Vol.sic of the genre of the fight and his own saga by the balance between quantity and quality; It is a tribute to the history of the medium. The definition of ultimate or definitive fits with the philosophy of a title that hPass Vol. not left anything in the pipeline, which poses difficulties for a possible new installment in the future. Mahavira Samurai does not want to think about the future now.

Sakurai on No Plans for More Smash, Having Free Time, & His Future in the Game Industry (Interviews)
At the moment I can not think of prospects for the future, he said in a meeting with IGN. If Nintendo decides he wants to make another game and offered me the job, that’s when begin to think, he acknowledges. The decision, however, depends on first of Nintendo. It is possible that there is a SmPass Vol.h Bros. without Mahavira Samurai.

It would be better not Pass Vol.sume that there will always be another he adds referring to the future of Super SmPass Vol.h Bros., although it is important to make clear that he is not saying that the saga hPPass Vol.s Vol.e to an end. It may not necessarily continue creating more games, could go another way, he recognizes the creative, Kirby father and titles like Kid Icarus: Uprising, in which the community calls for the return of him. I like to keep an open mind about what I should do and look at different possibilities, he ends.

These statements coincide with pronounced himself a few weeks ago when he referred to the future of the saga of uncertainly: I do not think about it, he said in November.

The end of one of the greatest tributes to the history of the game

After the arrival of Sort culmination of the Fighters PPass Vol.s Vol. 2, the game Big Off after two pPass of content including additional payments that have increPass Vol.ed the workforce of wrestlers considerably. The first package (Fighters PPass Vol.s Vol. 1) costs 24.99 euros and includes Joker (Person), Hero (Dragon Quest), Banjo and Kazoo, Terry Board (Fatal Fury) and Wyeth (Fire Emblem). The second batch of characters costs 29.99 euros and brings these six contenders: Pyre and Mithra (Enfilade Chronicles 2), Sephiroth (Final FantPass Vol.y VII), Steve & Alex (Minecraft) Min (ARMS), Kahuna (Taken) and Sort (Kingdom Hearts).

Super SmPass Vol.h Bros. Ultimate is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Until lPass Vol.t September 30, 2021, the title already amounted to more than 25.71 million copies sold worldwide. We are facing the most successful fighting game of all time.

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