Sandstorm Insurgency Warlord updates Storms consoles

Console players are preparing for an update for an intense tactical war. Insurgency Sandstorm: Warlord, a free update for the captivating FPS of New World Interactive and Focus Entertainment, arrives at consoles today. This is the first update of upcoming content on the consoles for the game and brings a list of new content for players. The Insurgency Sandstorm website provides details on all that is included in the update.

This update is accompanied by a new fashion game, Ambush, which will not fail to push the tactical capabilities of the players at their limits. Protect the VIP. Or kill them. In any case, players will have to use teamwork and their limited resources to accomplish their mission. In addition, players will escort or kill the VIP in the winding streets of the new card included in the update.

Warlord update introduces a new location to fight. Difference. According to their website, the new card is described as making the players race from one end to the other in narrow streets

Equally important, for some, Warlord update also brings cosmetic products. Four sets of equipment and Warlord style weapons arrived with the update. In addition, the new pack of sets, pardon. With cosmetics also come two new weapons.

Insurgency: Sandstorm - Operation Warlord Update Trailer

An update trailer, published for the free update, shows the content of the update. Fighting scenes in the alleys and VIPs surrounded by soldiers highlight the update. The trailer also presents the two new weapons in action: the P90 and the vector. Finally, the trailer also gives a quick overview of some cosmetics.

The free update of Warlord is online today on Xbox One and PS4. The Deluxe and Gold insurgency editions are also available on consoles and PCs. What do you think of the update? Will you try the new game mode on the new map?

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