Genui Matrix return commemorative the best Keanu Reeves in the game

John Wick is an American neo-noir action-thriller media franchise created by film writer Derek Holstein and starring Keanu Reeves as John Wick, a former hit man who, in a pursuit for revenge, comes out of retirement.

The franchise, which is owned by Lions gate, started with the launch of John Wick in 2014 adhered to by 2 sequels, John Wick: Chapter 2 on February 10, 2017, and John Wick: Phase 3– Parabellum on Might 17, 2019. All three films were taken into consideration important and business successes, with a cumulative gross of more than $587 million globally. A fourth installment, John Wick: Phase 4, is recording and also has a release date of May 27, 2022. A 5th installation is additionally in growth, and was initially meant to be shot back-to-back with the 4th film.

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What is the representative of Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves? Jo Wick? Speed? Constantin? Everyone is a wonderful movie, but personally, the Matrix series is the first. I thought that I was a wonderful story that I was able to get a lot of bullets because I bent my body back and a nice bullet. And on December 22nd, the Matrix News ‘Reflection’, which is revived in 18 years, is released. It is a bit reminiscent of John Wick, but it is very nice.

Keanu Reeves is one of the most popular actresses in the game because of numerous hitters and unique. In the game, there are many Keanu Reeves character in the game, but there are many cases where the actual actor and the 100,000 light years are around, but there are many cases that are very resembled. Today, as Epic Games ‘Matrix Away Ben’ is waiting for a formal announcement, he pulled the best picked character TOP 5 am in Keanu Reeves in the game.

TOP 5. Constantine

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The 5th is Constantine, which came from PS2 in 2005. As can be immediately guessed by the title, it is a movie official video game. Tilda Swindon and Gavin Resale, which are starring in the original film, is also spoken in the game, while Keanu Reeves did not participate in the game, but it is a significant level in terms of the character synchro rate.

It is unfortunate that it is a three-person action game close to TPS, but it is unfortunate that it is only a rearview from most scenes. Considering the hardware environment at that time, the polygon description is also surprising. At that time, the domestic console market is small, so it will not be done by the Korean version of the Korean version.

TOP 4. Matrix: Pass of Neo

Likewise, the PS2 game is a game. It is the largest feature that the Matrix 3 diseases are reflected in many people in the movie. Here is a game that is an extremely fantastic and alarm handling between fans, and the fans, whether they are in full participation and inserted all the endings that have been in full.

The reason for this game accounted for higher ranking than Constantine is the portraits. Strictly, the graphic level is slightly falling, but the main character that wrote glasses on the Duncan Constantine, which was a good man, was relatively easy to describe on the competition console and PC. The face is coat on a long handsome, and it’s rough, even if you put the hair over the head and put it on the sunglasses.

TOP 3. John Wick Hex

‘Beard of Beard Keanu’ is a movie widely spreading the image, too, too. John Wick’s action is famous for the combination of chemicals called Diff, and the combination of shooting. The ‘Jo Wick Hex’ released in October 2019 is its main character.

In this game, John Wick in the movie was pretty reproduced quietly. Because it is the work of Indie Game Producer, it was made in a cartoon rendering graphic, which has a realistic feeling than a realistic movie style graphic, which also has a subtle fashion. I feel rough on the side of the details, but I have only an overall action in the camera point that shows the battlefield. If you look at John Wick’s actions in the game, the real Keanu Reeves are not likely to have motion capture.

TOP 2. Fort Night Jo hick Collaboration

This time, John Wick Mean. In fact, Movie John Wick hit a lot of games and collaboration, while the game is the best depictable game is the port night. So many collaboration experiences have shown that in 2019, Jew ow Collaboration showed a great synchro rate.

The Jo hick Character implemented in the Port Knight seems to see one of the well-made figure. Based on this character, it was possible to enjoy the John Wick mode, of course, as well as a specialized game, as well as a limited mode. This Matrix: Reflection seems to be something to the Epic Games and something, and it seems that the Reflection version Neo will come out on the Port Knight.

TOP 1. Cyber ​​Punk 2077

It is a game that has been a very large blame with the launch, but it is not possible to scratch the characteristic completeness of Johnny Silver Hand. It is of course, as well as much ambassador and scenes, as well as much of the main film, and Visual also boasts the high-end synchro rate in the high safari standard. Of course, it is a part of the bug, but it is limited!

The most outstanding points than other Keanu Reeves-based characters mentioned above, are vivid. The appearance of the appearance itself is also a variety of different facial expressions and emotions, and the player is a long trip to Keanu Reeves and a long trip because there are a lot of different expressions and emotions, and there are many parts of the player in Johnny as a first person. If Cyber ​​Punk 2077 is full of normalized and empty content, you will be able to feel the charm of these Johnny Silver Hands, if you are filled with the normalized and empty content.

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