LIVE Melsungen in Wetzlar

The SC Magdeburg also controls after its corona forced break continue to master class. The team of coach Bennet Winger came on Sunday against cup winners TV Lego lip to a 29:25 (12:13) and built his previously unblemished record this season to 26: 0 points out. First tracker remains champions and defending THE keel for a sovereign 32:23 (15: 6) when promoted HSV Hamburg now 22: 6 counter in the account has.

foxes can not compete in the lion

Ranking third are on the foxes Berlin (20: 6), who could not compete because of several corona cases on Saturday shortly to guest performance at the Rhein-Neckar Lower. Whether in addition to the test-positive players the whole crew in quarantine must, was initially open. We hope that no positive cases to come, which unfortunately is quite possible, said sporting director Stefan Kretzschmar. According to the Berliner all rapid tests of the team had been negative on Friday — vaccinated is the entire team. Further, testing on Saturday had revealed then three positive cases. This had been confirmed by PCR tests.

New rapid tests before arrival at the venue could eventually yield more positive results in the squad in the evening. A total of seven players to be infected. A chain reaction with other infections, had not been ruled out, the game against the Lions was canceled. It’s the only right decision not to whistle the game. The health of all the players on the field, including the Rhein-Neckar Lower here has absolute priority, said Stefan Kretzschmar, Director Sports of foxes.

Magdeburg wins, a trio extended

Because of Lego team bus remained lying on the highway, the game started in Magdeburg fifteen minutes later. When it finally went off, the hosts put a sporty stuttering start and were quick with 1: 5 back. Only in the second half of the SCM turned on and came to the 13th victory in the 13th game. In addition, it was announced that Marko Beak, Michael Damaged have (2025) extended their contracts (2024) and Girl Kristiansen (2023).

No start-up problems had Kiel in Hamburg. Even at half the Northern duel was decided. In the one-sided match Damage Duncan was with six goals the best scorer for the THE, stood out at the goalkeeper Niklas Landing with 13 saves.

Regular Hesse wins the duel

In the other matches of Sunday Regular won the duel against Hesse Messenger with 31:28 and is now fifth. Hanover continued in the basement battle with just under 22:21 against Lubbock by the HC Erlangen subject at Frisco AUF Göttingen 25:34.

SC Magdeburg — TV Lego lip 29:25 (12:13)

SC Magdeburg Goals: M. Damaged 6, Gulled 5, O. I. Mansion 4/1, Chrapkowski 2, G. T. Kristiansen 2, Martens 2, O|Sullivan 2, D. Patterson 2, SAUGSTRUP 2, Beak 1, Horne 1

TV Lego lip Speak 6, Were 6, Elision 5/2, Cederholm 2, Black 2, Sutton 2, Cardboard 1, Guardiola Villalba 1

referee Mario Zupanovic (Berlin) / Martin Those (Berlin)

Attendance: 4100

penalty minutes: 10/6

TSV Hannover-Burgdorf — TV Großwallstadt 22:21 (9:11)

gates TSV Hannover-Burgdorf: J. Hansen 7/1, Kuzmanovski 4, Martini 3, Makers 3, Base 2, Büchner 1, CETE 1, Anne 1

TV Großwallstadt: Many 7, Perhaps 4, Skroblien 4, Track 2, Control 1, Markovic 1, Nissan 1, Trotsky 1

Referee: Darnell Jansen (Mannheim am Than) / Lucas Hellish (Trevor)

Pressekonferenz nach dem Derbysieg gegen die MT Melsungen!

Attendance: 2140

penalty minutes: 8/8

SG Regular — MT Messenger 31:28 (16:15)

gates SG Regular: Favor 8, Rubin 7, Manner 4, For sell Schubert 4, Millard 3, Fall 2, field 1, Holst 1, Novak 1

MT Messenger: K. Hefner 6, Fastening 6/2, Jonson 4, Andersson 3, Tunnel 2/1, Kuhn 2, 2 Pavlov, A. Gomes 1, Magic 1, Peterson 1

Referee: Fabian Rampart (retirement home) / Sasha Wild (Elder Water)

Attendance: 844

penalty minutes: 4/6

Disqualification: Fall (32) / –

Frisco AUF Göttingen — HC Erlangen 34:25 (16:12)

gates to fresh Göttingen : Gullible 8/1, Haman 8, Knee 5, Hermann 4, Arrested 3, Ellebæk 2, Molina 2, Lindenchrone Andersen 2

HC Erlangen: 7/3 Lesson, S. Inhaler 3, Steiner 3, Bessel 2, Model 2, Selling 2, Overly 2, Lean 1, Metzger 1, Olsson 1, Michel 1

Referee: Simon Reich (Fullback) / Hans-Peter Brubeck (Oppenheim)

Attendance: 750

penalty minutes: 8/12

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