10 characters that we would love to see in Multiversus the free Smash Bros of Warner Bros

Warner Bros. He decided to join the party of Smash Bros. and announced Multiverses, a game of platform fights very in the style of the exclusive of Nintendo, with characters ranging from Bugs Bunny and Superman, to Shaggy and Arya Stark. Now that Sort closed the Cycle of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, other companies did not take long to prove the luck of him with this successful Formula.


Being a title free-to-play, Multiverses aims to have a lot of characters arriving with the passage of time. The reception of your community will determine the success of the game, and a large part of the equation falls on the first faces that will reach the title. Either as part of the initial cast, or as a DLC later, these are our 10 fighters that would make Multiverses a great rival of Smash Bros.

The study in charge of the project has an approach more cooperative Unlike other gender titles, such as the newly launched Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. Because of this, it is likely that fighters who know themselves for belonging to the same series are present in the game, and that is the reason for some of our elections. However, everything is in the air now, so you share with us your opinion, and tell us who you would like to see in Multiverses when it arrives in 2022.

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