Mortal Combat 12 Keanu Reeves say no to Neo and John Wick in the game

Mortal Kombat WONT Have Neo & John Wick as Guest Characters .... Says Keanu Reeves?!

If it goes to Keanu Reeves, neither John Wick from the film series of the same name will find NEO from the Matrix series to find their way into a current or future Mortal Combat game. Although Reeves Mortal Kombat is great in many ways, but just as the series of play makes her own thing, he finds that Neo and John Wick will do their own thing. Why it would give him a clear now to a crossover. Mortal Combat and The Matrix and the developer Nether realm belongs to all of Warner Bros., an appearance of Neo would not be so far. By contrast, the John Wick series belongs to Lions gate, which makes a crossover not automatically exclude. Ed Boon, head of Nether realm, Neo and John Wick would have liked to be in Mortal Kombat 11 in contrast to Keanu Reeves, and according to Boon, in 2019, it was pretty close to joining Neo in Injustice 2. Both got reality.

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