1 FC Union Berlin Luthe has already fulfilled greatest dream

Goalkeeper Andreas Luther sees the 1st FC Union Berlin in a similar situation as in the past season, at the end of the Irises for the European Cup qualified.

Union paints Berlin red with derby victory over Hertha | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC
Another entry into international business is not automatism for the Football Bundesliga club. That’s what we went like last year. Since we have moved in shapes, in which we did not hurt. We try to continue this spirit and work on how in the last two years. We try to get the best for the club But that does not mean that we now put the goal of Europe every year, said the 34-year-old Beckman in an interview of ran.DE.

The game has become different

Also, as a current table fifth and derby winner against Bertha BSC (2: 0) last weekend new goals are difficult to define. The biggest dream in football has been fulfilled in the last year. The qualification for Europe with Union Berlin. If we hold the class again this year and prove a regular place of work, I am satisfied. As soon as the league is perfect, we will be all put on to get as many points as possible. And that has brought us to the situation last year, but still to be able to play Europe, said Luther.

Against Bertha BSC, the goalkeeper benefited from a decision of the video assistant (Var), through which a goal of Peter Park, where he would not have been guilty, was abused. The football changed by the introduction of the Var, finds Luther.

Discussions have become others, if you can see the scenes a thousand times. As a player, it really happens that you stand two, three minutes in the cold until a decision is made. Sometimes you will benefit, sometimes you will sometimes benefit The loser with such decisions. The game has become different that you just have to say, Luther said. He just got used to cheering twice, the keeper said.

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