Fortnite Chapter 3 Epic announces its end with a video loaded with HYPE

EPIC GAMES You should start your Teaser machine soon for Chapter 3 of Fortnite. But before that, the developers respect the customs, by integrating into the Battle Royale a countdown that hardly visible, and that reveals the date and time of the start of the Closing event of Chapter 2. So Both, the latter should start at 10 p.m. From Saturday, December 4.

As a reminder, the End of End event has already been the subject of a preliminary data mining. Thanks to the work of the data miners we know, for example, that their code name is the tremendously powerful The End. If you are a fan of Fortnite for a long time, this election of title will sound, as it is the same name that the closing event of Chapter 1 had.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Live Event : THE END (Trailer)

Other quite famous data miners also believe that players would be close to witness a second black hole, or that, in any case, the game could repeat the play of not being available for several days, specifically from 5 to 7 from December. At least that is what is extracted from the data recently appeared in the game files.

The mystery follows, however, regarding the content of the event itself. We imagine that the queen of the cube will be the Gran Villeins of the event, but we do not know so much the details of the evil plan of her, as the way we will face her. We will have to wait for the countdown to finish.

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