The Matrix Resurrections discovers its individual posters with Neo Trinity and more

The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth installment of such a popular film saga of action starring Keanu Reeves, premieres in cinemMatrix Resurrections the next 22 December 2021 and that is why Warner Bros. It continues with its promotional machinery at full performance by sharing new teMatrix Resurrectionsers and posters. So much so, now the new ones arrive individual posters of the main protagonists of the film, headed by the incombustible Neo and trinity (Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, respectively), in addition From the rest of the new faces we will meet in less than a month.

Thus they look at the main protagonists of Matrix 4

Thus, The Matrix Resurrections will resume the final events of The Matrix Revolutions almost 20 years ago to recover two of its main protagonists, Neo and trinity, in a way that we still have to find out. Be that Matrix Resurrections it may, we already have your new promotional images that show us how they will look both at The Matrix Resurrections, with its characteristics Dark raincoats and sunglMatrix Resurrectionsses.

The rest are new characters, up to a total of six, headed by the new and younger version of Morphed, played by the actor Maya Abdul-Mateen II (Black Blanket in Aquaman), next to the rest of the cMatrix Resurrectionst Matrix Resurrections bugs (played by Jessica Hen wick ), Neil Patrick Harris, PEREIRA IBARRA or PRIYANKA CHOPRA, whose names in fiction are still by confirmed, In addition to Jonathan Goff, which seems to interpret a new agent of Matrix.

The Matrix Resurrections | Officiële Trailer | 23 december in de bioscoop
We leave you with your Official Synopsis : Matrix Resurrections is a continuation of the history established in Matrix’s first film (1999). Gather Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss Matrix Resurrections NEO and Trinity cinematographic icons in an expansion of its history that ventures again in Matrix and even more deeply in the burrow of the rabbit. A new amazing adventure with an epic-scale action, set in a family world but even more provocative where reality is more subjective than ever and everything that is required to see the truth is to free your mind.

The Matrix Resurrections plans to its premiere in cinemMatrix Resurrections the next December 22, 2021.

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