The Matrix 4 Two new atmospheric posters revealed to the movie

Long mire is an American TV collection in 63 episodes of 42 mins developed by John Coven as well as Search Baldwin based on a series of Craig Johnson books and also program in between June 3, 2012, and also August 4, 2014, on A & E for the very first 3 seasons, then From September 10, 2015, to November 17, 2017, on Netflix. In France, the series has been broadcast considering that November 30, 2013, on D8 and also Quebec given that May 26, 2014, on Collection +, but continues to be unpublished in other Francophone countries.

Although the fourth matrix movie Resurrections already in a month, more precisely on 23 . December 2021, in which cinemas come, the information about the next part of the science fiction epic is rather sparse. Thanks to trailers, there are the first information and clues, where the journey for Neo and Trinity will really go on the end of the year, is still in the stars.

But no reason to leave the fans on the dry. So Warner Bros. Pictures short has revealed two new, very atmospheric posters to the film. One both have together: the matrix style is already unmistakable thanks to sunglasses and long, black coats.

Looking forward to doubling pack: The two new posters to The Matrix (Buy Now €18.44) 4
But of course it does not listen to the similarities: on both posters Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss) to see and on both are the characters in black in front of a pale green background, which in his Coloring naturally equal to the first three movies.

Striking is the look of actor REEVES, who reminiscent with his long hair hairstyle less on the original Neo, but rather to John Wick a role that he also embodies. On one of the posters Morpheus stands out strongly, which does not only wear a grapevine suit with green shirt not only instead of black and no longer played by Laurence Fish burn, but by Maya Abdul-Mateen II.

The two posters can be found here and here. Even if you do not spend hours with the consideration, you are a good distraction to shorten the one-month waiting time to start the film. On an extra-created website you can also decide between the red and the blue pill, just like Neo then. The Matrix Resurrections appears on 23 . December 2021 in the cinemas.

Source: Warner Bros Pictures on Twitter

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