Dresdner Krawalle Police identified over 200 participants

The situation after the rise of Dynamo Dresden in the 2nd league escalated half a year ago. On the 16th of May, thousands of people had gathered. Hundreds of violent fans attacked police officers with pyrotechnics, and bottles and stones flew. According to police, 185 officials were injured, six of them had to be treated in the hospital stationary.

Now the police announced that 236 suspected violent had been identified.

The Solo maintained assumes to bring a three-digit number of proceedings for the caught for caught again this year. Overall, more than 600 suspected violent had been identified. Against all suspects is determined due to heavy landfill and other offenses.

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Stadium ban against 103 suspects?

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The far vast majority of the alleged rioters come according to police from Dresden and the surrounding area. Except for five women, they are exclusively men between the ages of 15 and 69 years. At 103 suspects, a stadium ban had been excited at Dynamo Dresden.

Follow more search posters

In recent months, the police had published four posters with a total of 80 suspected rioters. These are 171 references from the population. 67 The 80 illustrated were identified. Soko-boss Enrico Long announced that further search posters will follow.

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