EarthWorm Jim will have a new series of animation the most famous video game worm returns to TV

Earthworm Jim is a system video game whose lead character is a worm called Jim that, warmed in a cybernetic and also armed fit with a handgun, is devoted to visiting the cosmos trying to find the princess what is his name. Earthworm Jim was developed by Doug Tunnel and also made by David Perry. From its growth, Shiny Enjoyment and Playmates Interactive Entertainment were appointed. It was released for Mega Drive in 1994, as well as later it was released for other computer game consoles and also for PC. Earthworm Jim is a game that is defined by its bloodless, with a style similar to that of cartoons.

Interplay Entertainment announced yesterday the development of a new series of animation of Earthworm Jim, the iconic adventurous leadership protagonist of a series of action video games and platforms that harvested great fame in the 90s, in the times of SNES and SEGA MEGA DRIVE. Her name? Earthworm Jim, Beyond The Groovy, and will be produced in collaboration with Agency for the Performing Arts

Earthworm Jim Animated TV Series - Interview Jim

At the moment there are not many details about its launch, and in fact is a mystery the channel or streaming service where you will find your home the program, but it has been shared a first advance where we can see the quality of the animation, and where it is guaranteed that Earthworm Jim will not give up its comic touch and to a certain extent Gamer that so many players hooked us at the time. In addition, it is confirmed a product suitable for children and not so childish.

Earthworms reboot Jim will continue to be starring the famous worm, but This time it will be accompanied in his space travel by two cadet worms and a great bull we can see in the image that accompanies the news.

Earthworm Jim already had a series of animation in the 90s with two seasons of 23 episodes that were retransmitted by the extinct Kids WB.

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This is not the only announcement related to the franchise in recent months. For the next launch of the IntelliVision AMINO console, the premiere is expected in Prime Earthworm Jim 4, a new delivery of the action video game and platforms. At the moment the exact date is unknown to disembark. In 3DGEGOS we talked a few days ago other adaptations of video games.

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