Daithmal Warner Brazar Realizes F2P match action MultiVERSUS Batman and Bags Bunny such as game video released

Warner Bros. Games is a basic play video developed by Player First Games, November 18 Free Online / Local Battle Action Multiverses Gameplay Video, and start pre-recruitment of play test participants I announced.

This game is a DC Comics Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, Anime Rooney Tunes Bags Bunny and Coby You Shaggy, and Various characters for Warner Brother the to imitate A work that plays a match. You can check the new character list here.

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A unique cooperation ability and combo for each character are prepared. Systematically, all models will be released, cross-platform play, cross-program-enabled, and character custom elements and other characters, other, skins, events, new characters, etc. are scheduled. In the video, one-to-one, two vs. 2, all the enemies are shown.

Currently, we are recruiting test play participants on this official site.

MULTIVERSES, which is also focused on the comfort of the online match, is 2022 for the Worldwide PC (Steam) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One It is scheduled to be delivered for free.

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