Tom and Jerry fanatics were surprised to learn the real names of Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry are at Multiverses, but the entire community is impacted by their real names. A graph published by Warner Bros. shows that they first appeared in the 1940s Puss Gets The Boot. In that caricature, their names were Thomas Jasper Cat and Gerald Jinx Mouse. Then, that obviously it was a shock for younger viewers. The cat duo and the mouse has been a pillar of animation for decades. But, this type of facts spend largely unnoticed until someone discovers them and publishes them on social networks. Probably that is not one of the 10 most random things of Multiverses, but resonated among fans. (Ultra Instinct Shaggy has to be the clear MVP when it comes to amplified humor on the Internet in this game). Take a look at some reactions below:

In an interview on the launch of Tom & Jerry in HBO Max, Colin Most spoke about what attracted him to these characters and the area of ​​animation.

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I really like the world of seeing the 2D animation in a live action world, Most explained. «You know, in the manner of Roger Rabbit? That was something that really attracted me. I had not seen it in a long time. I love Tim Story as a director, so I wanted to work with him. When the cast arrived together, I really liked my cast companions. It was very fun and fun to work in scenes with Chloe, Michael Peña, Rob Delaney and Paula V. I do not know, it was like a good vibes on the set. I think I found many additional things. I really like the idea of ​​creating this world, especially for the youngest who are going to see the movie. And the families that are going to see the movie. He felt like a total escape, there was a real magic having these cartoon characters living in a hotel in New York City.

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