Xbox Series X S has already exceeded the total sales of the Xbox One in Japan

It seems that the efforts of Xbox for entering the Japanese market are finally providing results. A year after the Xbox Series X | S went on sale, a new report suggests that both consoles already exceeded the total sales of Xbox One in this region.

The information comes from Game Data Library, who reports that the X | s series has already been 116 thousand 119 units distributed over the last year, compared to the 114 thousand 726 that moved the Xbox One After its seven and a half years in the market.

Although this figure is still not completely official, it is a matter of time for it to be. Especially because last month it was revealed that the X | s series had already overcome the 100 thousand units sold in Japan.

Editor s note: There is no doubt that Microsoft started with the right foot this new generation. After having lost his strong letter in 2021, the X | S series has recovered with all the incredible games that have been released this year, and those who will come in 2022 see as promising.

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