Netmarble AI Natural Processing Conference

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Net marble has won the AI ​​Translation Post-AI Translation Post-AI Translation Portrait Conference EMN LP 2021 from the Dominican Funds to Dominika,

An Introduction to Natural Language Generation

EMN LP deals with a variety of research on language data based on language data, such as AI translation, chatbot, machine reading, such as AI translation, chatbot, machine reading.

In addition to the conference, the AI ​​translation and expert translation data was opened through the translation data of the AI ​​to improve the translation performance.

Net marble introduced curriculum learning and multitask learning in this challenge. Curriculum learning is to learn the translation quality and improve the translation quality and improve the translation quality, and the multitask learning is to learn the related items as a category.

Net Marble AI Center, who announced a paper, said, The AI ​​logic that the AI ​​translation data, which was already served as a challenge, was already a key to the technical evaluation, AI translation after Net marble was able to win a higher score than a global top platform in the final assessment that summarized the Bilingual Evaluation Understudy Score, BLEW and Bilingual Evaluation Understudy Score, BLEW, I explained.

Net marble AI Center Oh, the implementation, Net marble is a global game publisher, which already applies AI translation technology to a variety of games. I will develop the key to curriculum learning and multitask learning, and ultimately to develop a high quality service without a person s inspection, ultimately, he said.

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