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Hazard Zone is a new mode in Battlefield 2042, and many players are wondering how to use attachments in this Escape from Tarkov-like game mode. By default, the game player spawn with a M5A3 assault rifle without accessories. With this free start weapon you can not change essays via the plus system. This can be a problem considering how big the cards of Battlefield 2042 are. If you want an extended magazine or a rifle scope, you must make a selection before the start of the game. How to use attachments in the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone.

How to get hazard zone attachments in Battlefield 2042

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To use attachments in the danger zone, you must buy a weapon with Dark Market Credits. The free M5A3 assault rifle is delivered by default without attachments, and there is no way to add something to the weapon. However, if you output your Dark Market Credits for another primary weapon, it will be equipped with the attachments you have chosen.

How To Add Weapon Attachments in BF2042 Portal - Battlefield 2042 Tutorial

Hazard Zone uses the same loadouts as in normal multiplayer mode, so all pilasters, paddings, muzzles and ammunition types are stored when you already have a custom setup for multiplayer mode. If you have not customized a weapon, you can do so using the Collection tab of the main menu. You can do this before putting yourself in the queue for a danger zone match.

The only way to get weapon attachments in the danger zone is to spend Dark Market Credits. If you can not afford any weapon, remain with visor when simple M5A3. Dark Market Credits, however, are incredibly easy to get even if you do not extract data drives. In the danger zone, it is very rare to go broke, so you should almost always be able to make a weapon with essays.

How to use different weapons in the danger zone

Dark Market Credits are also used to buy new weapons in the danger zone. However, you can only use weapons that you have already unlocked, and you are a one-time purchase for the round. This means that you need to buy your favorite weapons every time you start a Hazard Zone Match. The cost can buzz quickly, but fortunately weapons are not very expensive, so you can let off steam with this sniper rifle or LEG and still have Dark Market Credits left.

Remember that weapons use their loadouts from multiplayer mode. So make sure you have customized them on the Collection tab before you buy one for Hazard Zone. It would be a waste of buying a weapon you like just to end with visor and standard ammunition.

Battlefield 2042 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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