This is a new BF Battlefield 2042 I actually escaped in the new Submit Batroi Hazard Zone

The latest series of series scheduled to be released from November 19 (Fri) 2021 (Battlefield 2042). Preceding access is started from November 12th. This editorial department participated in the preceding review event of this work for 3 days from November 8 to 10 days.

We will tell you how to play the new game mode Hazard Zone a little earlier.

Hazard Zone What modes?

Hazard Zone is a game mode to escape while securing a data drive scattered in various places. It is said to be close to Escape from Markov, but it is said that it is a more casual and characterized by the vehicle.

The number of participants is a total of 32 units of 8 units (24 for a former generation machine), and only two units can be escaped. If you can not escape, the data drive points will not come in, but you can get that point by defeating AI soldiers who appear with enemy players and time. Note that the map is the same as a contour and breakthrough.

The first knowledge is this about the matching that could actually escape from the following. Let s dive into the battlefield together!

Preparation for dispatch

In the delivery preparation screen, we will purchase guns and gadgets using points. Main Weapon has an attachment in advance and could not customize.

Gadgets can use this mode s own Data Drive Scanner free. You can find out the data drive scattered in each place to look at this gadget.

Tactical scan select various items, and every time the frame will increase each living and escaped.

It will be more fun if you can talk with the squad man how to bring what to bring in the dispatch screen or how you want to recover the data. Although the equipment of allies can be confirmed on the upper right screen, it is likely that there is no voice chat. It may not be very kind to play alone.


If you have dispatched, check the map while checking the map, discuss the place where you should look for the data drive scanner. For now, I decided to go to a nearby data drive.

As soon as 100 meters go straight, encounter enemies immediately. I already fought against another player, and I finally settled. It seems that to outpoint point was closer than I thought.

This is Babies and boarding the car in the near area, and to escape to the first time.

Gather uplink

An uplink that could call the car passing through the tunnel.

The launcher for vehicles needs points, so there are many squads that do not have (in fact our squad and launcher have no one.) The vehicle is a very powerful existence. Simply get rid of the flotation.

Data drive has fallen! Express to the scene!

Move the map to move the map, and recover the data drive that has been added from the sky.

The first escape machine came to pick up the same as the data drive fell from the sky. However, in addition to the AI ​​soldiers around the escape machine, the player will also escape to escape.

After all, both sides, and the escape machine is released over time. Another place to run away because this was a vehicle.

Even if it is defeated, resuscitation can be done if it is within a certain period of time. This resuscitation method different from BF4 or BF1 also looks close to the hazard zone near Matrix.

Let s revive the dead member!

If you pick up an uplink that can be reborn without resuscitation, you will be back to the battlefield if you pick up the uplink that can be re-sent.

This time was only one person, but three people are back to the battlefield with one restricting uplink. There is a chance if one person is alive.

Go to the escape point…

Anyway I want to escape! It returned to the specified escape point again. The escape point seems to be random every time.

Here, let s take a look at another point of view, who joined the Casper of a reconnaissance soldier from GAME SPARK. It is involved in the drone.

There are many soldiers, including AI, including the escape point, so reconnaissance is essential.

The player unit is also flooded at the escape point!

I m thrown on the vehicle I want to get on the escape as soon as possible, but the player forces have already been waiting and down just down.

The last hope aimed at chance to calmly chance from the back of the vehicle! Casper! Throwing the grenade I will cut at the timing when one of the enemy units is down.

Even if I have been collected from my back to another, I boarded the escape machine at the time of the last minute. I was able to escape hard.

Hot even more living alone…

Once the mission is completed, you can earn points according to the collection. This seems to be able to earn only if only one person can escape. Let s get new equipment and return to the battlefield again!

The Patrol boom, which began with PUBG, has been added to the revival, funding, pin system, ability, vehicle and new elements one after another, and finally, the elements of escape were added. The hazard zone is likely to say Patrols of the new interpretation of the Battlefield series with all these elements. Unlike other Fess, it is also interesting point to be able to fight with various roles such as car driving, recovery and replenishment. Even people who are not good at shooting can be a series of people who can contribute in another aspect.

Comoros (communication system), gadget, and military balance also felt that the hazard zone was adjusted to the base. The hazard zone is displayed in the middle of the start screen, and it may be a new mode from the consecutive mode that is familiar with the series of the series, and is sending new modes according to the tidal flow of the times.

Battlefield 2042 fighting up to 128 people will be released on November 19 for Windows (Steam / Epic Games Store / Origin) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One. Product Gold and Ultimate Edition, or EA PLAY PRO subscriber available to unlimited from November 12, 1 week earlier. Xbox Game Pass for PC / Ultimate / EA PLAY The subscriber is also possible to play a leading 10 hours from the 12th.

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