NEW WORLD Endgame was like gambling Streamer compares New World with slot machines

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While many fans currently complain about a motivation hole at the MIMO New World and drastically reduced the number of active players, the well-known Streamer Michael Shroud Greek remains loyal to the online role-playing game.

Who is actually this Shroud?

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Michael Greek, who is also known under his nickname Shroud, are likely to know most of you as a popular streamer at the platform Twitch. Previously, however, he could, above all, as a professional player in the multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike: globally offensive to attention.

After his success at Twitch, in October 2019, he followed the example of Tyler Ninja Blevins and changed for a lot of money to the Twitch competitor mixer. After this in July 2020, Shroud celebrated his comeback at Twitch. There he currently has more than 9.8 million follower.

What did Shroud said about the Endgame of New World?

In a stream, Shroud explained why he continues to loyalty in spite of all reviews — especially at the endgame — the MMO New World (now €39.99). He pulled a comparison to a slot machine:

I think that the endgame is fun. But it s funny. The endgame is like a slot machine (Slot Machine)… You repeat things over and over again and hopes something good happens. I think it s really fun, because I love gambling.

Incidentally, Shroud explained shortly that he continues to see great potential in New World and many things see the Amazon Game Studios with the MMO in the future. However, he did not go to detail.

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The Streamer Shroud compares the endgame of New World with a slot machine. (2) [Source: Amazon / PCG]

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