Eschatos still an old shmup for the switch

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The Switch no longer celebrates the Shoot-ups cults from previous generations, as again illustrates the announcement of eschatos on the Nintendo machine as on PS4. The title of which will even open its pre-order on November 11, for a good and due Japanese exit on the 18th of the same month.

The Best Nintendo Switch Shmups Part 1

For the type of genre, the title will include as on Xbox 360 the two previous titles of the studio, judgment Silver Sword and Cardinal Sins left on Wonderswan Color, all offered at the price of 3,300 yen (25 €). Naturally, each of these games maintains a nostalgia fiber with reference to the many games of the 80s. The Switch version intends to distinguish itself with a remastered original band for the occasion.

As for the game, it offers three simple shooting variants – front shot, wide shot and shield that will not be insulated to present – to cross constantly evolving areas, dotted with many checkpoints. Three different modes of play (original, Advanced and Time Attack) are planned, as well as five levels of difficulty that range from easy to endless for all those who will target the world s number 1 place on online rankings. As often with this kind of title, a functionality REPLAY will analyze the routes of the best players to draw inspiration from their strategy.

The publisher specifies that the preparations are in progress for the PS4 version as for the Western editions of the game. In the meantime, we recall that it is always possible to discover the title either via the old Xbox 360 version of 2011, either more simply Thanks to the exit on Steam that returns us to 2015.


Eschatos – Trailer Switch / PS4

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