70 year old is convicted of FileSharing

Warner Bros. TELEVISION is a television production and also distribution company in the Warner Bros. Studio., A subsidiary of the Warnermedia group. It generates as well as co-produces television programs for multiple Networks along with for wired networks as well as streaming solutions. It additionally takes advantage of a number of production units and is accountable for dispersing the programs of the various tv subsidiaries of Warnermedia.

Internet and law are two areas that meet all too often, but still do not really harmonize each other. This should also be because many eventualities and individual cases are simply not covered by the case law. To quickly change digital networks, new pitfalls arise and become old judgments superfluous.

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Even in the case of a 70-year-old Cologne, the action of the judiciary should not only leave many question marks with the participants. The lady was convicted of Filesharing and that, though she does not even own its own computer. The reason for this is your router that your son has made more or less publicly available as a freelancer.

What is free?

For this purpose, a short excursion: As a free-speaker, people who provide their router with the free-radio firmware (a special Linuxdistribution) provide other editors. You want to create a free and open network with this method that the general public is available.

The official website states that the free-radio community is part of a global movement for free infrastructures and open radio frequencies. The son of the convicted Cologne is also part of this community and installed the newly mentioned firmware on the router of his mother.

What is the case in the case?

However, the son failed to use a VPN, which is why the router fell the easier for an unknown stranger to the victim. Whoever has his fingers in the game here: He offered a copyrighted file for download at a swap exchange. Plaintiff Warner Bros. Entertainment did not find that funny.

The entertainment company complained of whereupon a company traced the provider – and landed at the 70-year-old Cologne. That these does not have a PC and explained not to be able to use at all, did not matter. The court argued that she could have been able to use the computer of her husband or her son, as free-radio lawyer Beata Hohrig described.

What was the verdict?

2000 Euro Warner Bros. Entertainment wanted to have compensation and due to the decision of the court, the company will also get them – from the 70-year-old Cologne. The case is complicated, especially for the accused: Warner Bros. Needed a concrete perpetrator to complain.

The Cologne, on the other hand, had to have a different eligible perpetrator to relieve itself. Since they were unable to do so, she could not assert the so-called secondary explanatory burden. In doing so, The connection holder must present the perpetrators and the chargeable address, as hubric to Golem explained. All other information about the case including paragraphs can be found in the linked sources.

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