Delayed solar ash new release date revealed

Ceneza Solar, the next 3D Action Platform Game of Annapurna Interactive and Heart Machine, is suffering a slight delay. The game was originally scheduled to be launched in PlayStation and PC in just a few weeks, but Ceniza Solar now will debut on December 2. The developer Heart Machine revealed the news in a shared publication on Twitter, in which the team thanked the players for their patience. Heart Machine is the developer behind the acclaimed vagundo hyperligero, and, as a result, anticipation for follow-up is quite strong. In the company s announcement, Heart Machine also provided an explanation of the game delay.

«Heart Machine & Annpurna Interactive have decided to delay the launch of Solar Ash until December 2, 2021. We want to Ceneza Solar to shine, and we need a little more time to polish and correct errors in the game, while we continue sailing through the pandemic Global as a highly dedicated team. This brief delay will help us get there «. The statement says.

Delays can be a great disappointment for players, but it seems that most Heart Machine fanatics are taking it pretty good! Heart Machine tweet was received with many good wishes and fan support, and many claimed that they would prefer to see a strong product that one hurried. Hopefully, the extra time will help the game offer an experience that is up to the height vagundo hyperligero-legacy!

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The Coronavirus pandemic has caused many problems to the videogame industry in the last two years. Several games have been delayed, since developers fought to adapt to work from home, as well as other complications. It is not clear exactly what impact the pandemic had in Ceneza Solar Development, but it is not difficult to imagine some of the problems that have been caused. Of course, these problems have also been extended to events in person such as E3 and EVO, as well as problems of the supply chain for next-generation consoles. Clearly, the impact of the pandemic will feel throughout the industry for some time.

Are you disappointed by Solar Dellange? Do you think that the extension will be good for the game? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

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