Smartphone Semiconductor Shock Realization 3Q Shipments 6 7

The Wii (ウィー, Wī) is a Nintendo manufacturer s salon game console, released in 2006. Console of the seventh generation, just like the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 with which it is in rivalry, the Wii is the console The best-selling salon of its generation with 101.63 million copies passed in 2016. It has the particularity of using an accelerometer capable of detecting the position, the orientation and the movements in the space of the joystick. The Wii marked a turning point in the history of video game by opening this leisure to a wider audience, thus targeting the whole of society, which partly explains its success.

The smartphone market was hit by Corona 19 and semiconductor suppliers. The shipments decreased by 6.7% from the same period last year.

In the third quarter, smartphone shipments were counted as 3312 million. Kanet reported the Market Research Agency IDC data on the 28th (local time).

The IDC expects smartphone shipments to decline 2.9% in 3Q. However, as a result of opening the lid, it was not much better than expected.

Nabil Palpal IDC Mobility, Consumer Device Tracker Research is a supplier supply chain and part lack issued to the smartphone market.

In the meantime, the smartphone market was not completely free from the influence of the supply chain and the deficiency of the supply chain, but until now, it was a little influence on the growth rate, but it was not enough to reduce shipments.

It was Apple that the supply chain problem was most enemy. In the meantime, Apple was an enterprise that has been excellent for supply chain management than anyone. In addition, semiconductor supply and demand has also been solved smoothly than others.

But the earnings of Apple released on this day made this expectation.

Apple said that the iPhone revenue was $ 38.78 billion in the 4Q09 (2021) fiscal year closed in September. It is a level that is large enough for $ 41.51 million, which is a monthly esteem.

Samsung warns supply chain upsets may hit chip demand, profit at three-year high
It is a rare example that Apple earnings are not enough to do this to the forecast. Team Cook The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) was the biggest reason for the supply disruption.

On this day, Tim Cook said, In conference calls immediately after the earnings call, the potential sales loss due to the supply chain disruption is estimated by about $ 6 billion (about 7 trillion won).

Samsung Electronics shipped 69 million units, and has kept the first place of smartphone at 20.8% market share.

Apple regained the second place to 540,000 shipments. Last year, the market share of 11.7% of the same period rose to 15.2%. Each of Apple was ranked 3rd to 44.3 million units (13.4%) of Xiaomi (13.4%).

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