LOL BWIPO will leave FNATIC and want to return to the top lane

The transfer market of League of Legends is charging more color with the passing of days. Especially in Europe, where we now have to add the free agency of GABRIëL BWIPO RAU after being more than three years with FNATIC. Her s plan is to return to the upper lane, although he does not rule out Other roles.

Through a report by Pablo Suárez for Dot Esports, we learned that the Belgian player will not renew with FNATIC. This will leave you as a free agent on November 15. Until now, he was the only member of the black and orange that had not extended his contract. Recall that Zdravets Hylissang Iliev Galabov did it on September 28, signing up to 2023.

Sources close to the situation also reported that BWIPO does not rule out other lanes for next year. Both he and the representative of him mention his profile in roles such as the jungle, central and lower lane (ADC). One of Bwipo s strengths is precisely the versatility that he adds to the squads. In 2018, after the radical change in the shooters, he supported FNATIC while the metajame was stabilized for Martin Rekkles Larssen could return. He brought selections as Swain to the lower lane, which for that moment were not as crazy. For this year, we have that filled the jungle space mid-season, after Oskar SelfMade Boderek was transferred to Team Vitality.

At the time of publication of the note, there are no details about the next BWIPO destination. However, Suarez comments that there is already interest on the part of some organizations. Among them Team Liquid, one of those that could surprise a replacement of Barney Alphari Morris and a North American G2 with Nicolaj Jensen.

As we mentioned, the free agency has date for November 15. What it means, even if Bwipo reaches a verbal agreement with some squad, he must wait for the established date to officialize the contract.

Until now, nor BWIPO or FNATIC have commented on it.

Ported Courtesy of Michal Konkol / Riot Games.

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