Filtered Multiversus Warner Smash Bros with Gandalf Batman or Harley Quinn as characters

Mortal Kombat X is a Fighting Game and the tenth main part of the Mortal Combat series. The computer game developed by American Netherrealm Studios appeared for the first time in April 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles as well as Windows PCs. In addition, under the same name, a games app for iOS and Android smartphones that follows another game principle and is independently playable, but can be linked to the main game. Since March 2016, there has also been a budget version supplemented for downloading extensions with the name Mortal Kombat XL. All applications were published via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, a Division of Netherrealm s parent company Time Warner.
Mortal Kombat X was considered publication as the previously brutal series settlers. Contrary to the general expectations, however, the Federal Testing Office for Youth Hazard Media rejected the indexing, which allowed the first title of the series in Germany uncut in the open trade and was not subject to advertising ban. The decision is considered a turning point in the assessment practice of the Federal Testing Office for violence in computer games.

Earlier this week, he began to circulate the rumor of a possible new fighting game Warner Bros Games. The title would bet on a proposal in the Super Smash Bros, but there was no evidence beyond some assertions of journalists or people connected with the industry. It was convenient to be cautious, but now we have been able to see with our own filtered video and image of the project.

Multiversus CONFIRMED!!! Warner Bros Super Smash Bros Game - PapaGenos

It is a game that would take the title of Multiversus and would join the main Sagas and characters of Warner in its campus. We talked about Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, Batman, Superman, Scooby Doo, Adventure Time, Looney Tools or Rick & Morty, but there would be many more franchises involved.

In principle, Netherrealm Studios would not be behind the game The filtration occurred in the first instance through Reddit, and the information was subsequently verified by Jeff Grubb, who has nuanced that would not be a game of Netherrealm Studios. The published video can no longer see it because it has been eliminated, and the image of the campus is also erased from some publications, such as that of the professional Liquidhbox player.

Warner Bros. has quickly made a reclaim of rights that has lying on both the video and the filtered image. This confirms unofficially the veracity of these leaks, since a company does not make this type of claims about something that is not part of an own product.

The image shows that the different characters would have a Cartoon aesthetic However, the capture has rapidly run through the networks and some users continue to share it. In it we see multiple characters with a Cartoon aesthetic that would seek to unify the general aspect of all of them in order that it is not strange to face a very realistic character with another animation.

Free to play and DLCS with characters

The Grubb itself has ensured that this multiversus would probably be a game free to play. I would have new incorporations of fighters through DLCS, and there is even talk that the NBA star LeBron James could be incorporated as future expansion, being part of the universe of Warner Bros. Thanks to the Space Film Saga Jam.

We will have to wait a bit to know the official confirmation of this title, from which we do not know more details, such as its launch and platforms in which it will be available. For his part, Warner has other games between hands, such as Gotham Knights, who recently took advantage of the celebration of the DC Fandome to teach a new trailer of his villains.

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