Batman and Gandalf meet with a fighting tournament and beat Rick Morty

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. is one of the largest production and distribution companies in the world for cinema and television. It is a subsidiary of Warnermedia whose head office is located in New York. Warner Bros. Pictures itself several subsidiaries including Warner Bros. Television, Warner Bros. Animation (formerly Warner Bros. Cartoons) and many others.

Multiversus - NEW Warner Bros. Fighting Game LEAKED?!
Founded in 1923 by the Warner brothers (Warner Bros. means Warner Brothers, The Warner Brothers ), of their true name Wonskolaser, American naturalized Polish Jewish immigrants, the Warner Bros. Is the third oldest American cinematographic studio still active, after the paramount pictures, founded in 1912 under the name of Famous Players, and the Universal Pictures, founded the same year.
Despite uncertain debut, the Warner Bros. is saved from the bankruptcy in 1927 by the greatest success of the cinema speaking (after all the wind) the jazz singer, first movie to experiment with the synchronized sound, thanks to the vitaphone. The Warner also produces the first movie entirely in color, on with the show! – which will gradually allow it to make its place among the Big Five and the world cinema market. From now on, the Warner is one of the largest production and distribution studios.
The Hollywood Studio has also allowed the discovery of artists recognized in the global film environment, such as Errol Flynn, Bette Davis, James Cagney, Joan Blondell, Edward G. Robinson, Warren William or Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart. To date, the Warner has distributed more than 4,700 films, and produced nearly 3,200. It is the second worldwide distributor with 13.9% PDM, behind Walt Disney Pictures (33.5%) and in front of Sony Pictures (12.1%) according to the 2019 figures.

What sounds like a lot of wild mix, a leak is said to be a reality at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The work allegedly with Multiversus at a game in Smash Bros.-style and want to put the characters of their games against each other.

Anyone who had action figures as a child sees in a fight between Batman and Scooby Doo probably only a normal afternoon on the floor of his own nursery. So the basic idea characters from different universes are fighting against each other, so neither new nor disposable. According to a Reddit Post, Warner Bros. The game principle of Nintendos Super Smash Bros. Follow the following, exactly that with its own franchises.

A Super Smash Bros. by Warner Bros.

Please note that the following info deals with rumors and leaks, which were not officially confirmed. According to a reddit post, the game should be created at the Netherrealm Studios and currently bears the working title Multiverus. (Source: Reddit). In the style of Super Smash Bros. Fighters from different players from Warner Bros. against each other. In combination with another Leak, the following list results in characters. (Source: Twitter).

Shaggy ( scoby doo )
Gandalf (Lord of the Rings)
Tom & Jerry
Fred Flintstone
Mad max
Harry Potter & Ron (unclear situation in the license and therefore currently not in development)
Johnny Bravo
Stephen Universe
Adventure Time
Harley Quinn

Wonder Woman
Rick & Morty
Bugs bunny

The following picture should come from the game:

The video gamejournalist Jeff Grubb confirmed the leak via Twitter, but said, the game would not arise with the Netherrealm Studios. In a video of the website Giant Bomb explained Grubb, it would be a Free2play game, in which new characters are sold as DLCs. According to his sources, the game looks cheap out. (Source: Giant Bomb Via Twitter).

Whether something is on the leak is currently not saying. With Nickelodeon Allstars, the Smash Bros. – Principle has already been copied elsewhere. So it is not unlikely that other publishers will follow.

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