New Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive games are filtered that would come to Nintendo Switch online

The Mega Drive (メガドライブ, Mega Doraibu), or Sega Genesis in North America, is a fourth-generation video game console designed and marketed by the Japanese Sega Enterprises manufacturer, Ltd. The Mega Drive is the third console of SEGA, it succeeds the Master System. SEGA first goes first the console in Japan under the name Mega Drive in 1988, the console is then launched in 1989 in North America, renowned Genesis in this territory. In 1990, the console comes out in most other territories as Mega Drive.
Designed by a research and development team supervised by Masami Ishikawa, the Hardware of the Mega Drive is adapted from the System 16 for arcade terminal. The system supports a ludothèque of more than 900 games created by SEGA and a wide range of third-party publishers, published as a video game cartridge.
In Japan, the Mega Drive does not sell as well as its two main competitors, the Super Nintendo of Nintendo and the NEC PC-Engine. However, with its rich experience in arcade rooms and taking short Nintendo in the 16-bit console market, SEGA manages to position the Mega Drive in North America and Europe, where it knows a strong success with capture. of the majority of the 16-bit market in several territories, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom. The main components that work for its success are its arcade video game ports, the popularity of the Sonic The Hedgehog series, several known sports game franchises, as well as an offensive marketing to the young person who positions the system as Being the cool console for teenagers.
In 1990, Nintendo released his Super Nintendo, which led to the following years a fierce battle between the two manufacturers for the capture of a maximum of 16-bit console market shares, particularly in North America and Europe. This rivalry, often qualified as the first real console war by the journalists, left his mark in the collective memory of video game players, including through the fictitious and symbolic confrontation of the respective mascots of the two manufacturers, namely Mario de Nintendo against Sega Sonic. As this competition is increasingly attracting the general public attention to the videoludical industry, the MEGA DRIVE and many of its most publicized games cause important analyzes on issues related to retro-engineering and violence. in video games. The controversy surrounding violent titles like Night Trap and Mortal Kombat conducted SEGA to create the videography rancil, the predecessor of the Entertainment Software Rating Board.
At the end of his life cycle, although finally distanced by the Super Nintendo, and in particular in Japan, the console has about 40 million copies sold in the world. This is the most important success of SEGA in the console market. The Mega Drive and its games stay popular among fans, collectors, video game enthusiasts, and emulation lovers. Reissues from the licensed console are still produced in the 2010s, and several independent video game developers continue to produce games compatible with this system. Released in 1994, the Saturn succeeds the Mega Drive.

Users of Nintendo Switch Online are already enjoying the new expansion package, which includes a good handful of Nintendo 64 games and Mega Drive for the hybrid console.

It must be said that the service is giving more than one problem in the last hours, with rendering failures in the games or graphic bugs. Nintendo is investigating these errors.

Apart from the latter, being able to enjoy emblematic titles of Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive in Switch is all a luxury… and there is already talk about possible games that will come to service in the future.

As MondEmaga reports on Twitter, the Dataminers have found References to new games that will arrive at Switch Online in the coming months. In the absence of official confirmation of Nintendo, of course.

Specifically, this leak suggests that there will be a total of 38 Nintendo titles 64 to play in the hybrid console, with novelties such as Wave Race, Super Smash Bros original or trilogy of Mario Party.

To the games already announced during the past Nintendo Direct, they have recently joined seven other titles confirmed by Great N. Games like Majora s Mask or Pokémon Snap.

Of course, the same source also ensures that Nintendo will add more Games of Sega Mega Drive for the expansion package. They are expected a total of 52 titles of the 16-bit console.

Nintendo has not confirmed all these future incorporations, but he already said in the presentation of the expansion pack that will be adding more games to enjoy in Nintendo Switch.

To date they have been reported buttons assignment problems on the Nintendo 64 knob, as well as technical errors that label these titles. Even some of them look worse than the original versions.

If you are interested in the Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive catalog in Switch Online, you must know that the expansion package has a price of 39.99 euros per year, or 69.99 euros in the subscription family. In addition, you can make you with the adapted controls of Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive for Switch.

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