LOL Superliga 2022 All signings and templates of the spring season

The transfer market in Superliga is that burns. To begin with, we will have a handful of new teams at the maximum Spanish competition of League of Legends. Ibai and Piqué will be present with a club of his own, Barcelona will have a squad in this electronic sport, as well as the arrival of Fnatic from the hand of Team Cheese and Bisons, a club in which Basque entrepreneurs have invested.

In this way, we say goodbye to astralis sb, who sold his place after ascending the superliga leaving on the stake at Emonkeyz, A S2V and BCN Squad. The LVP competition is reinforced with, a priori, great names. Now it remains to be seen that your sports projects will have and what players will integrate their templates.

Although the date so that these agreements can be made known officially between clubs and players will not arrive until the middle of the first month, the first rumors have begun to be known. Unlike Lec, where we are already knowing more things, Superliga will be expected to see what makes the maximum European competition to finish making the domino. Or, at least, to announce the pieces that have already been falling from doors to inside.

It remains to be seen which teams reach the Second Division of the National Lol, a novelty of this coming 2022, and that will bring a lot of additional alienities to a superliga that will be interesting one by itself. Perhaps some of the most outstanding players achieve a position in the first split division.

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We will be attentive to the signings that are going announcing during the next few weeks and the rumors that appear. Save this page on bookmarks, because it will be very useful as we are updating the content of the top table.

For the preparation of this table, rumors of sources and insiders are used with reputation, as well as news of colleagues in other media or the contractual database of Riot Games.

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