Wonder Fan Memories Freestyle 2 Mobile New Video Disclosure

The crew was a mobile basketball game that is served in Korea for 12 days this year, Freestyle 2: Revolution Flying Dunk (Pin 2) released a new video.

This video appears as a main character with memories for original online game Freestyle 2. The main character who became an office worker reminds the memories that he had a landlord in his PC room, and it is a long time for his alumni and a long time in the Freestyle 2: Revolution Flying Dunk.

Freestyle 2: Revolution Flying Dunk supports 3-to-thirds of the real-time in a mobile basketball game with street basketball. Based on the original game, it has changed the graphics to 2D in 2D, and supports customizing that can combine various skills and create their own play styles.

Proceed with advance reservations before launch, and participation receives a package that contains items that can be used in the beginning of the game. In addition, participating in Google Play, gives additional compensation for 100 diamond, 10,000 gold and energy beverages.


The Minister of Market Park Hye-jung Marketing is Frequency Flying Dunk, who moved to mobile, Frequency Flying Dunk, who moved to Mobile, a fast-going street basketball, Flying Flying Dunk released a full version of the official publicity video memory. I want you to be a time that you can.

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