Competition for Nintendo Smash Bros with Batman and Gandalf allegedly in the making

Warner Bros. apparently makes one on Smash Bros. and wants to mix in the platform fighter genre. According to a Leak, characters such as Batman and Gandalf are planned for the game. What else is known yet, you will learn here.

Multiverus: A new alternative to Smash Bros.?

Multiversus CONFIRMED!!! Warner Bros Super Smash Bros Game - PapaGenos
According to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, where among others Spongebob Squarepants and the Ninja Turtles are one of the hat, Warner Bros now wants to depend on the Brawl cake. According to a Leak, a game called Multiverus is currently in development. Therein, known figures from different films and series of Warner Bros. compete against each other.

That should be all known characters previously known:

Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings)
Tom & Jerry
Shaggy (Scooby doo)
Mad max

Fred Flintstone
Johnny Bravo

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter films could probably be of the game. However, the Reddit Leaker says that the legal situation around Harry-Potter characters is quite difficult. Accordingly, this information could also have been a joke. (Source: Reddit / HelheakerActualy)

Is the leak trustworthy?

The information comes from an anonymous reddit user. The post seems to be very detailed, he reports, for example, about the origin of the game. According to this, the idea to the combat game from memes sprung, in which Shaggy appeared as a playable character in Mortal Combat. The Anonymous Leaker also means that the game is already in development for a while and could be officially presented to the Game Awards next year.

In Post, a trademark is linked to the title Multiverus. Even Jeff Grubb, a journalist at Venturebeat, confirms the authenticity of the leak. However, he emphasizes that the game is not developed by Netherrealm, the studio behind Mortal Combat. This would therefore be a false information of the Reddit Leak. (Source: Twitter / Jeffgrubb)

Ein Crossover with Gandalf and Tom & Jerry would be really funny. But do you know what would be funny? The following video game characters as people:

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