Rick and Morty Warner Bros works on video game

Warner Bros. has potentially great with Rick and Morty: The Publisher has registered rights to the use of certain figures and could seek video game implementation of the popular series.

The animated Sci-Fi series Rick and Morty has developed into an absolute cult-hit in recent years . After 2016 with Pocket Mortys has already been a mobile game released, fans of the curry cartoon series can now make hopes for another video game adaptation. At Warner Bros. Such a project could be in planning, in any case, the publisher has registered the rights for the use of some characters in video game form.

Warner Bros. secures usage rights

Warner Bros. Could a Rick-and-Morty game fit into the eye and have already secured the appropriate rights for it. According to a report, the Publisher recently registered the rights to the Rick, Morty, Pickle Rick and Mr. Meeseks – among other things for use in Computer Software and Video Game Software (Source: Gamerant).

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While is still a official announcement , the publisher could thus use at least four extremely popular figures in a video game. As it looks with the rest of the Sanchez family and the numerous minor characters of the series, is currently not known.

Rick and Morty: Video game would be a logical step

Even if fans should not hang up their hopes yet, a Rick-and-Morty-Game would make sense. Through the immense popularity of the series, a game would have the stuff to the bestseller and the multiverse literally offers infinite opportunities for game world, gameplay and characters. And with South Park and the Simpsons, other animated cult series have finally mastered the leap into the gaming genre before Rick and Morty.

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Warner Bros. Has the rights of use for some Rick-and-Morty figures secured – maybe this could be a video game for the popular sci-Fi series of the starting signal.

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