Apple eventually delete payment instructions

By changing some of the external payments by changing some of the apps related to Apple, Apple followed by Google. In September, the domestic Google Harmon Prevention Act (the applicant laws of the App Market Business Act for the application of the App Market Service, forced to make a forced to pay for the App Maker Business Act) Pass, and in a similar period, It is a crucial role in the amendment that it is a judgment.

Apple announced on the 22nd, that we have modified some of the App Store review guidelines through our developer site. The developer deletes provisions that prohibit other payment methods except for the app settlement that utilizes user information. It can be seen that the convenience that can guide the external payment system through the communication window including the email or telephone number collected within the app.

However, Apple added guidelines for Personal Data Disclosure, and Personal Data Disclosure should be able to choose directly. You will not be able to avoid user data unauthorized access and exploitation. Overall, this amendment is a positive response that Apple has changed little by little by an exclusive company.

South Korea passes bill limiting Apple and Google control over app store payments

However, in the sense, the written sound of half an amendment. The convenience of external payment guidance was increased, but it has not yet been allowed in the external payment itself in the app. Within the app registered in the App Store, you must use Apple s own app billing system, and other payment systems are not available.

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