Top6 What is the main character 2021 Indy Craft Winner Announces

Indie Game Exhibition, 2021 Indigab Awards Ceremony Winner was published.

Indie Kraft is opened for a healthy game ecosystem composition through excellent indie game folution in 2018. Seongnam City, Seongnam Industrial Promotion Agency, Korea Mobile Games Association will be held together.

This year exhibition has been conducted in online game show in May, and we have selected more than 40 of the entries and subsequent support. And on the last 15 days, the awards ceremony to pick up TOP6.

This selected TOP6 is a pepper game scene Do not Prohibition , Sign Games Dynasters , Team Candy Field Last Light , Unique Co., Ltd. Castle Battle , Mobile Movent Casting , Team Bud Pepo .

Subsequently, the community specializes in the project Shuttering and the sponsor Pick were selected by Shine Games Dynasters (One Store), Kakeer Games Calpa (Exala).

Finally, Person Person Pick is a staff game Tote Tek on the excellent game on the excellent game, Tutech , the video on the game, Wolp and Pygs , Indica Baundte Cotivate Mt. Pygs , Doris Lin, Puzzle, Dysey Dungeon Log: Legendary Adventurer , Honey Games, Melow Shooter , Team Tape Inc. Box Jobs! Site.

[3rdID] - October 2021 Promotion and Award Ceremony

TOP6 and special award team pay a total of 60 million won for business grants. Sponsor PICK is a prize for 200 million won, and one-storey features, exposed to exposed, and Gaming equipment is provided in Exala. The excellent game award is 2.4 million won for 2400,000 won, and 1 million won is given on the cheering game.

The Korean Mobile Games Association Hwang Sung-ik said, I am pleased to be able to finish the 2021 Indie Kraft that I started using metabus, which is a 2021 industry-headed metabus. I am sincerely congratulating that I can go to Global. I am sincerely congratulating all those who have won.

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