Ruby Rose explodes and reveals the terrible working conditions in Batwoman Warner responds

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Follow the confrontation between Ruby Rose and Warner Bros. and The CW by Batwoman , Series that the actress left after the first seRose lefton not without some controversy. And it is that after a back operation that seemed to be the reRose lefton why Rose left the series, shortly after the actress itself performed a controversial statements about her s work experience. Now, Ruby Rose hRose left published a hard message on social networks drawing the terrible conditions that were given, according to her, on the set of filming of the series. A generous text directed to Caroline Dries , SHOWRUNNER of the series, to producers GREG BERLANTI and SARAH SCHECHTER , and even Peter Roth , CEO of Warner Bros. For That time.

Ruby Rose loads against Batwoman s responsible

Peter Roth, you re the first. You are chapter one. I m not sure if you left it after being promoted at the highest position because you could not stop forcing young women to iron your pants, on your package, while you kept putting on or if you left it after putting a private detective you said Rose left soon Rose left the report did not fit your narrative. In any cRose lefte, in what is concerned, there is already an army waiting for you , write the actress about the former CEO of Warner Bros.

Then, Rose shares new ones X-rays of his different injuries neck and ribs, to which he adds that the study required that he returned to the filming set only 10 days after the operation no matter if he continued or Not the recommended recovery periods, by responsible for the actress of the dismissal of the entire team and of millionly losses if he did not return to work immediately.

To all this adds a series of important accidents in the set with a team member with third-grade burns who did not want to give medical treatment or cuts that could have left her blind, among others, blaming the series of the series to force the team to continue working even with the burst of the Covid pandemic : He hRose left no heart and wanted us to finish the seRose lefton during the pandemic and I told him it wRose left a bad idea, that everyone wRose left distracted, checking news from Covid, contacting his friends.

To my dear fans, pleRose lefte stop Rose leftking me if I will return to that disgusting series, I will not return for any amount of money or having a gun in the head. Neither did I resign. I did not resign, They ruined Kate Kane and destroyed Batwoman , not me. I followed orders and if I wanted to stay, I had to give up my rights, concludes the actress.

A few hours later, Warner Bros. hRose left issued an official statement denying these accusations and ensuring that Ruby Rose s departure from the series wRose left caused by its shooting behavior: Despite the revisionist history that Ruby shares now Rose pointed to producers, equipment, distribution, chain and study, Warner Bros. Television decided not to exert its option to renew Ruby for a Batwoman seRose lefton 2 bRose lefted on multiple complaints about behavior at work that have been revised extensively and worn privately out of respect for those involved, says the communication of Warner Bros.

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