Panorama Cotton a big shot to come on October 29th

After gleyrcial last week, it s another worship shoot-up and too expensive MEGA DRIVE that will be within reach of all scholarships. Panorama Cotton will indeed return on Switch and PS4 on October 29, with always a cascade of limited editions to guarantee the school s studies.

Multiple people dead in shooting at video game tournament in Florida

Technical demonstration In 1994, with an angle of Rail Shooter and a debauchery of graphic effects that one owed to Sunsoft, the game will be available on the SWITCH and PS4 blinds for all the fans of the small witch of Success. As usual, Strictly Limited Games will track physical editions, with limited versions at 2,500 copies on Switch and 1,500 on PS4, offered at € 29.99.

Rescue respectively to 1,500 and 800 copies for the Collector s edition with € 64.99, which provides a list of goodies to discover on the image below. In addition to the pretty box and the leaflet, a tea cup, a tea box, a wall roller, the original band, 6 postcards, 2 lenticular cards, a large reversible poster A2 format and a cotton sticker back view are from the part. Finally, as for Streets of Rage 4, a plastic case awaits those that will opt for the retro version at 49,99 €, limited respectively to 600 MEGA DRIVE cartridges and 900 Genesis cartridges, its American counterpart.

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