2021 Tutorial Mobile Gamer 92 5 Various App Market Required

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Most of the domestic mobile game users have appeared to download the game from a variety of app markets. It is pointed out that there is no desired app for the domestic app market, and it is a point of interest in the domestic app market.

The National Assembly Culture Athletic Tourist Committee shall proceed with the Survey of the Democratic Party (Democratic Party) in Seoul (Democratic Party), conducting a status of consumer recognition and status of App Market for App Market (only a total of 20-49 years of investigation of the United States).

As part of the study of Seoul YMCA to improve the interests of Korean mobile game users, 92.5% respondents were 92.5% respondents from the survey, I answered consumers rights.

In this regard, the first of the reasons for the use of the app market was App Registration (86.4%), and about 70% of the Galaxy Store, which is not using the domestic app market, did. In addition, 89% of Google Play users said, If the game has a variety of games in the domestic app market, has been intended for use.

This response result seems to be that the game users who want to enjoy the various benefits that each app market provide and enjoy the user needs that you want to enjoy the user needs that you want to enjoy the application requirements that you want to enjoy the app market, and recently, It is a description of Park Jung-sang, which only 13% of the mobile games released by Netmarble and Nexon are in the domestic app market.

The reason for the use of users by each app market is more prominent in the foreign app market and domestic app market. 90.6% of users mainly using Google Play are referred to as App Registration for main use, and 83.2% of the one-store main user said, The benefits of the app market, such as discounts, coupons, etc.,

On the contrary, the use of Google Play weeks does not use the domestic app market, 67.8%, which is not registered by the app market, there is no benefit of providing no benefits, because there is no benefit of providing And it appeared.

The desired content in all app markets is evenly visited, and the voice that consumers benefits will increase even more consumers. Of the total respondents, 90.8% responded to the a fair competition between the app market brand, he has a lot of benefits to receive consumers , and 61.5% of them should download games, content, apps in a variety of app markets, We believed to be the first because the consumer benefits increased due to the increase in the price of the app market, and activation of promotion competition.

88.3% of respondents answered that if the game that the desired game is simultaneously launched in all app markets, we would choose a good app market.

Park Jung-won said, As a result of the investigation of the Seoul YMCA, the unfair situation in the domestic app market market is not only our content operators, but also to the people, but also in terms of expanding the options of the people. I needed to support our content to make our content.

The survey was conducted on Android smartphone users who spent more than 10,000 won for items in mobile games for the last three months. The percentage of those who use Google Play of Google Play with Google Play 87.6%, and the largest domestic app market ratio, such as one-store and Galaxy Store, is 12.4%.

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