WHEREAS this month Solar ASH is repulsed on December 2nd

It is supposed to go out on October 26 on PS5, PS4 and Epic Game Store, the new production of Heart Machine, of which it is only the second game after Hyper Light Drift, is finally delayed on December 2, Annapurna Interactive Annapurn.

Solar Sash be brilliant, and we need a little longer to bring the latest improvements and bug fixes at the game, while continuing to navigate this global pandemic with the motivation that characterizes our team , Can we read in the traditional excuse word.

We still rejoice in any way to play in this respect before Christmas as part of the worlds we have the most want to turn, thanks to the aesthetic singularity of this strange universe than for the mobility of the protagonist who seems to make Particularly pleasant exploration. Creative Director Alx Preston described itself Solar ASH as a third-person platform and action of a huge scale that emphasizes the fluidity of displacements.

The player will put on the Boots of Rei, a noterunner who seeks to save his planet of the ultra void, a huge black hole that makes his black hole job, namely aspirate entire worlds. Sliding on all surfaces like an Olympic skater and using its grapple to take great distances, REI will have to face gigantic creatures made of bones and fibers if it wants to achieve its ends.

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