Solar Ash what s new to Heart Machine is delayed until December

Solar Ash est un futur jeu vidéo d action-aventure développé par Heart Machine et édité par Annapurna Interactive, prévu pour le 26 octobre 2021 sur PC (dont Windows), PlayStation 4 et PlayStation 5.

In 2020, the people of Heart Machine revealed Solar Ash , a new experience of platforming that should reach our hands this year. Well, we can still anticipate it in 2021, but we should expect a little more than you should.

Through a new shared statement in Twitter , its authors published the following:

WE Are Delaying Release of Solarazh Until December 2, 2021. Full Statement here:

  • Heart Machine Official (@heartmachinehq) October 13, 2021

We want solar Ash shine and we need a little more time to polish it and fix some bugs while we sail through this global pandemic as a highly delicate team. This short delay will help us achieve this. Thank you for understanding this, see you soon at the Ultravoid.

So there you have it, Solar Ash will debut until December 2 this year for consoles PLAYSTATION and PC.

Editor s note: Preferably that delay this game to come out with several problems and that a controversy will be armed. I have faith in which the people of Heart Machine will do a good job with him, and that with luck, we will have a finished product for 2022.

Via: Heart Machine

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