DEATHLOOP Watch out to sweet words A little suspicious fizz pop advertisement read English pickle in the game 79

The black leaf island of DEATHLOOP , the message advertising of AEON plan has been stuck around. Character typography , which is decorated like these abstract paintings are not essential to produce the 60 s in the air, incorporating the popular pop and psychedelic style at that time, has reached the realm of vivid artwork. Because the elaborate design, respectively, why not also observed in the relaxation of Yasagashi?

Answer of exercises

DEATHLOOP archivists, also surprising one side of Juliana – Read a routine interview [English pickled 78 in the game]

Reading -FiZ-POP / Blackreef s Chart


A great party needs two things!

a shot that ll knock your socks off and a chaser to put you on top of the world.

FiZ-Pop is the clear, crisp taste of health and satisfaction. DELICIOUS!

Just imagine how much better your childhood would have been if your mother had been drinking this stuff. Available NOW all over BLACKREEF!

Fix: fun

Shot: sake

Crisp: fresh

Knock your socks off: to impress, to astound (positive)

Fizz pop fun everyone of you!
You need two things to the party!
Also a chaser, such as rise in wine and heaven to come and kick ass.
Fizz pop taste that satisfies even mind also refreshing exhilarating body. Delicious!
Be a kid it was more fun when I drink is your mom? Black leaf anywhere sale!

It is such pop ads, but do not receive face value because it has also mix Fix, Shot jargon ones such as. Everyone is useless is so much set foot of good child?

Black leaf, as seen in seawater freeze to death to fall, is the island somewhere in the secluded Arctic Ocean. In the tunnel you are using the Colt you Yes installed is part of the larger version, but, such as in laboratories You can see the whole of the map. Yes to make this map is firmly in comparison with other props, it was firmly read until the fine character at high resolution.

Obstruction in water

Submarine fissure

Cardinal buoy


Safewater buoy

Detailed bathymetric chart available

Installed communication system

This map and everything charted on it is properly of the Motherland. If do not have written authorization to be in possession of this map, you are to destroy it, immediately.

Obstruction: obstacles

Submarine: submarine, submarine

Fissure: crack

Buoy: buoy, buoy

Obstacles in the water
Cracks in the sea floor
Major buoy
Fishing grounds
Safety waters labeling
There is a detailed depth contours view
Established communication equipment

This map and the drawings shall be attributable to the motherland. If you do not have the permission of the possession in writing, please immediately discarded.

Disclaimer: The data on this map has been verified to the precise measurements and recommendations of the Imperial Institute of Cartography (as laid out in the Exploration Edict of 1912) but due to Blackreef s extreme magnetic properties, there may small inaccuracies with measured distance , height, and or depth.

Bathymetric Chart: bathymetry view

Disclaimer: This map is of the data, but has been verified on the basis of the recommendation and precision surveying by the Imperial Geographical Survey Institute (established in the 1912 expedition old), because of the extreme magnetic properties in the black leaf, distance, height, the depth measurements of you some errors exist.

According to this map, cove Colt woke up at the beginning of the Bad Luck Hook (bad luck cape) , villa with study will find that it is named BEREZIN S MANOR (Berejintei) . In addition, the lake beside the Institute Caldera Lake is a caldera lake, shows that the volcano that caused a huge eruption in the same way as Aso was in the black leaf. Maybe there is a relationship and that the abnormality of the space-time occurs.

Exercise: Please translate the following English.

It holds her liquer
Iron spine
Masquerade slab means she s got a million faces

Notes about Colt wrote Juliana. It is difficult Iron spine, please refer to the like Urbandictionary.

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