Petrol station price comparison with electricity is mandatory

Just the visit to the gas station is intended to change the drivers and drivers of gasoline or diesel the transition to an alternative drive – and in the truest sense of the word placant. Because since October 1, the dispensing stations must launch a price comparison of the individual fuels, from super and diesel over electricity, earth and autogas to hydrogen. The idea with the yellow poster has come up with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi). Alternatively, the information may also be transmitted via display. But always you have to be clearly visible. Either at least half of the dispensers or the sales room in the balance sheet must be equipped accordingly.

Only the big ones in the duty

It is well possible, however, that the customer will be awarded at the next tankstopp after the price comparison. A violation of the new regulation is very probably not before the petrol station operator. Because the rule only applies to ramp stations with more than six of the so-called multiple spacers, and these are only 1500 of the total of 14,500 German gas stations.

Basics for the price calculation are the average standard consumption of the three best-selling car models of the two listed categories (small and compact cars as well as middle and upper class) on the one hand and the average price of the energy source from the previous quarter. However, how high this price is scheduled, the improved energy cost comparison can not be taken. Therefore, criticism also stimulates, because the liter price of gasoline and diesel is well-known as strong fluctuations. Even with electricity prices, there are big differences – depending on whether the electric car driver invites you to the domestic wallbox or uses a much more expensive fast charging station on the highway. The recalculation of the data takes place every three months.

Current is the cheapest

Currently, electricity cuts off the cheapest, with 4.74 euros / 100 km (small and compact class) or 4.84 euros / 100 km (middle and upper class). With 9.26 or 11.42 euros, Super E5 comes most expensive.

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