Freestyle 2 Mobile New Slam Dunk Parody Video Disclosure

Game of the Year (GotY) is an honor provided by numerous honor occasions as well as media publications to a computer game that they really feel stood for the peak of gaming that year.

The crew has released a new video of the mobile basketball game in the year, which serves this year, the mobile basketball game in this year. 2: Revolution Flying Dunk.

The video released this time contained a parody of a basketball cartoon scene, such as Slam Dunk. At the end of this, the game character shows the operation of the game character.

Freestyle 2: Revolution Flying Dunk is a 3-to-3 mobile basketball game with the original online basketball game Freestyle 2. Receive original game, it supports customizing that can be achieved in 2D, 3D graphics, and combinations of multiple skills to create their own play style.

It is currently in advance, and participants pay the item package that can be used in the beginning of the game. In addition, if you participate in Google Play advance reservations, you give you a 100 diamond, 10,000 gold and energy drinks with additional compensation.

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I am preparing a game service to make a lot of effort to make a lot of effort to enjoy the game more fun, I am I hope to have a game to give a game to a game to give a game on a basketball court, said Market. I said.

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