Race Versus Time in Aeon Drive Available Today for Xbox One and Xbox Collection X

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30 seconds to complete each level. An ability to teleport without restrictions. Just one life as well as an unlimited variety of efforts. That s Aeon Drive — and also if that pitch doesn t appear thrilling to you, we truthfully do not recognize what would.

Aeon Drive is an action platformer with a speedrunning twist, gave you by 2Awesome Studio and Critical Reflex.

You will be playing as Jackelyne— a space ranger from an additional measurement. She was trying to get house, when her ship collapsed on an unknown world in the city of Neo Barcelona. If she will not be able to repair her spacecraft on time, the city will be doomed.

The difficulty appears impossible at face worth– the city streets are harmful as well as difficult to navigate, as well as Jackelyne has plain secs to obtain to her location. But the good level is, there are a great deal of techniques in her sleeve– and you ll need to find out to utilize every one of them to conserve the city and also obtain Jackelyne house.

Below are some significant barriers that Jackelyne will encounter on each level of the game– and some tips that will aid you overcome those.

Preventing traps .

Neo Barcelona looks absolutely gorgeous, however it s actually quite a harmful area. The streets are loaded with fatal laser beams, spikes, round saws, and also various other traps. Attempt to survive any one of the game s 100 levels simply by running as well as jumping as you would possibly carry out in a conventional platformer, and you ll most likely be dead also prior to the timer expires.

Option: It s an advantage that a person of the primary functions of Aeon Drive is the Teleportation dagger. Jackelyne can toss it in any kind of direction and afterwards quickly teleport to its location with a press of a button. It s an excellent means to take care of or else unavoidable catches, and also it is additionally a lot more efficient method to take a trip than typical strolling. As well as apart from all that– it s so satisfying!

Racing versus time .

If Jackelyne does not make it throughout of the level on schedule– the run mores than, simple as that. That time restriction is a huge part of what makes Aeon Drive so satisfying to play, yet it is additionally one of the game s primary obstacles. Some levels in the later components of the video game are so large as well as complex, that it might appear difficult to complete them in less than 30 seconds.

Remedy : So this is where the second capability of Jackelyne enters into play. She can control time, so if you struggle to maintain up with the timer, she could include some additional time to the 30 2nd limit. However it s not as easy as it seems: to obtain the valuable additional seconds, you ll require to collect time capsules scattered throughout the level and also to activate those, well, in time.

Being in danger .

Jackelyne just has one hitpoint: every collision with an adversary or a trap is deadly for her. That implies that you most likely will not complete any of the degrees on the initial shot– something will definitely get you, or you will lack time trying to stay clear of specifically nasty catches or enemies.

Service : This consistent feeling of danger makes each run extra intense, however it does not make it stressful. All you need is to keep in mind that you have a limitless quantity of attempts: all thanks to the time-loop technician. The brand-new version of Jackelyne from yet another dimension can begin a new run plain minutes after the fatality of her previous model.

Dealing with opponents .

Aeon Drive - Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4

Neo Barcelona is understood not just for its many catches however likewise for the savage guarding bots patrolling its streets. They are all aggressive to Jackelyne as well as are figured out to end her run prior to she gets to the location, so she will continuously need to handle them in some way.

Remedy : The most noticeable service to this trouble is the Power Sword– Jackelyne s key weapon that can incapacitate any robotic with just one slice. It is likewise possible to remove an aggressive bot by moving with it or simply by stomping on it. Yet sometimes, brute force won t be the very best method: these priceless seconds spent in a battle might possibly cost you the attempt if you run out of time because of that. In some cases it is wiser to bypass the robot in some way or to run away from it.

Dealing with competition .

Let s claim you ve removed every one of the 100 levels in Aeon Drive , and you are currently the absolute master of teleportation. Yet now there is a new issue: there are brand-new rangers in town, they are much faster than you, as well as they can even teleport along with you do! Currently you require to show them what you re worth.

Service : Well, there is no remedy to this, honestly. Aeon Drive is a competitive video game– we call it a speedrun platformer for a factor, nevertheless. The video game keeps an eye on your outcomes with Leaderboards: you can always contrast your performance to the results of various other gamers, as well as even, even discover on your own on top someday. Or you could simply call your pals and also complete with them in the co-op as well as PVP settings to ramp up the challenge.

In Aeon Drive you constantly have space for enhancement: are you truly sure that you ve finished the level in one of the most reliable method? Maybe you ve stuck around excessive at the beginning? Or was your throw of a teleportation dagger a little bit imprecise? Did you utilize the most effective path? There is constantly a reason to attempt once again and also to test new tactics.

Aeon Drive.


☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★.

$ 14.99.

Obtain it now.

Thrill through the cyberpunk landscapes of Neo Barcelona in Aeon Drive, an action-platformer with a speedrunning spin! Whether solo or in approximately 4 player co-op, sprint as well as dash via many areas of the neon-infused city– and utilize your time and also space-bending capabilities to obtain in advance.

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