The Witcher Netflix announces new anime movie

Netflix showed a lot during his first Tudum drive event, and that included a series of new ads in the Netflix Witcher universe. We received an announcement of season 3, as well as the announcement of a children s program, but we also got what we wanted since we finished The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, and that is the announcement that a new movie is being prepared anime. . No other details were given, as if it is a NightMare sequel or if it focuses on another character or time, but the fact that it is in process is something to celebrate.

Now, I can not be alone in wanting more vesemir, since it completely loved the fans who saw Nightmare. While Geralt is more reserved and abrupt, Vesemir is charismatic and even a little arrogant, and it is amazing to see the sorcerer at the best moment of him. We will also know Deglan, who claimed to vesemir through the law of surprise, and we will see how the fall of Kaer Morhen affected Vesemir and turned it into the mentor we all know and love.

That said, we could also focus on a different witcher, or maybe decide to pass to the present and focus on Geralt, telling a parallel story. I could also take things back to the Blood Origin timeline, but I hope we get more vesemir because he really impressed.

Nightmare of the Wolf was written and produced by Beau Demyo and co-produced by The Witcher Showrunner and the Executive Producer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and Kwang Il Han of Studio Mir, who also directed.

You can find the official description of The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf below.

The Witcher s world expands in this story of the origin of the anime: before Geralt, was the mentor of him vesemir, a young witch of coat and sword that escaped a life of poverty to kill monsters for coins. But when a strange new monster begins to politically terrorize a tense kingdom, Vesemir is in a terrifying adventure that forces him to face the demons of his past .

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