One Store August Excellent Beta Game Sword School Marking Selected

[Data provided: One Store]

\ – Everyone can easily enjoy a casual RPG, a short-tight element combine,

\ – On the one s September Indie Game John s John s John s 8th

App Market One-Store, which serves a variety of mobile content, including games, apps, and storyturtants, has selected Super Joey s as an excellent beta game in August.

(Chair School) is a casual RPG game that can be easily accessible and enjoyable. The school is all possible for manual and automatic play, and you can enjoy the game according to your preference. In particular, it is characterized by a highly fostering the character as a neglect element such as automatic murge function, automatic skill, and offline compensation.

In August, a good response was obtained in a beta test in a one-storey in the first time.

Super Joe, who developed a warrior school, was established in 2017 and is striving to create a game that anyone can enjoy. Mobile Mobile RPG has been familiar with users such as , which has achieved a global 1 million downloads, I am presenting a game to convey.

Joong Kyung Super Joe Lee said, The Lord School has tried to make casual RPGs to make a casual RPG that can easily feel the character growth of character growth, adding character synthesis in a neglected game, said Journalist. I would like to make a game to make a more addictive and fast growing game, he said.

The one-storee supports a high-quality content production of developers and has a supporting business for excellent mobile beta test to support the power to build mobile game ecosystems. If it is selected as a excellent beta game, it is possible to be supported by the Naver Cloud or SK C & C, the cost of the test infrastructure that occurs for the application of the cloud Z as well as the cost of the game and the cloud infrastructure that occurred until the date of the game and the day of the game. The details of the relevant details can be found in the One Store Developer Center .

Meanwhile, the one-store is the September beta gone event until the 24th. The participation method may download the game through the beta-zone menu in the one-storee. Up to 100 participants per game provide one-store game cash 10,000 won. In September, the Emoticon of Em Games is disclosed in the Beta Jim.

In addition, in the September One Store in the September Indie Game Zone, the Eternal Unions , the Kindergarten>, , and , to provide.

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