Superman unleashes his fury in the new trailer of the Unjustice film not suitable for all audiences

NetherRealm Studios (stylized as NetheЯRealm Studios) is an American video game designer based in Chicago as well as owned by Warner Bros. Interactive Enjoyment. Led by video game industry professional as well as Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon, the studio is in charge of creating the Mortal Kombat as well as Injustice collection of dealing with video games.

Warner Bros. Entertainment and DC Comics have shared a new trailer of injustice, the animation film based on the successful struggle video game of the Netherrealm Studios who will reach the US market on October 19. The progress once again presents the plot of the feature film, leaving this time clear that there will be a lot of violence and bloody scenes in the footage.

In fact, we are facing a red band trailer, an indicative that the video is not suitable for visualization in minors. Thus, for a short less than two minutes, the viewer is shown at Superman through the heart of Joker , an image recorded for any genial injustice player: God Among Us, but also defeating other DC characters without contemplations.

In injustice, and with a distribution of luxury voices in its original version, the Ascension of Superman is narrated as the leader of the Earth after being killed by a Joker s deception that, among other things, caused the death of Lois Lane Homed nothing less than the hero of tomorrow. Injustice does not have a launch date in Spain, but it will be released in the United States domestic market October 19 .

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Injustice adds to other recent films based on Netherrealm Studios games, with mortal Kombat Legends: the revenge of Scorpion and Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms shown to the public last course and this year. At the moment it is unknown if injustice you will also have in this territory. At the moment there are no announcements of new deliveries in the game of videogames.

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