Destiny 2 Guardian Games in the first trailer starts on April 21st

New eververse items, a new exotic heavy machine gun and class competition are imminent.

The Almighty may be on a crash course for the earth, but that does not bring the guards of the last city in Phase schicksal 2 . In addition to searching for meaningless prey – which is either tattered or outdated – players can participate in the Guardian Games. From April 21 to 11 May, all three classes fight for supremacy. Because that meant so much in faction rallies, right?

Players will conclude various activities and challenges with an actual scoreboard in the tower that keeps track. New armor can be purchased together with the Heir Apparent Exotic. However, do not forget eververse with new emotes, ships, universal ornaments and sparrows. How much of it can be bought with Bright Dust remains to be seen.

Together with Guardian Games, schicksal 2 Grandmaster Nightfall Ordeals are added on April 21st. These are essentially harder nightfall, which – surprisingly – do not offer unique booties, but an increased likelihood that exotics and masterpieces fall. Further information can be found in the coming weeks.

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