Renewed Place Storm in the Ligue 1 Rivets in Lens

In the half-time break of the North Dernby, it had come to disputes between the two rival fan camps. Pendants of both clubs, ie from RC Lens and Lille OSC, threw objects over the limits in the other block. Finally, Lens Supporters stormed the space empty at this time to get into the guest block.

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French media writing around one hundred trailers, which were in the meantime on the field.

After all, police forces were added with the support of the folders to push the persons back to the grandstand. According to L Equipe , it should have come to at least one arrest.

With about half an hour delay, the second half of the game was finally contacted under sharp safety precautions. Lens won by a goal of Przemyslaw Frankowski with 1: 0 and thus worsened the crisis of the reigning master of Lille (only five points from six league games).

Already in mid-August, the derby between Olympique Marseille and the OGC Nice came to a place storm. Nice pendants had entered the field even during the ongoing game, it came to managers between players, staff and fans. The game was broken out at the stand of 1: 0 for Nice, it will be repeated on October 27 on neutral ground.

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